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Unleash hyperscale with disaggregation

Lightbits’ solution unlocks the potential of high-performance data analytics at hyperscale data centers. It enables data centers to move from inefficient direct-attached SSDs to a shared model in which compute and storage are scaled independently to maximize resource utilization without compromising on performance.

Solution highlights

Composable storage for simple deployment

High performance disaggregation of storage from compute

Extend SSD lifetime with advanced Flash Management

Persistent Storage for fast container load-balancing

Optional hardware accelerated data services

Software defined storage running on standard hardware

Standard NVMe/TCP client driver
Standard TCP/IP Network (no RDMA required)
Optimized NVMe/TCP target implementation
Optimized Global Flash Translation Layer with programmable data services

Consistent latency
at the same IOPS as

Scalable architecture for millions of IOPS at average latency below 200µs

Storage services reduce tail latency by up to 50% versus Direct Attached Storage (DAS)

Open platform
runs on standard

Lightbits solution runs on standard servers with standard NVMe SSDs

Software-only solution with an optional PCIe acceleration card

Flexible architecture for adding customer-specific services

Data center infrastructure innovation is no longer the exclusive realm of cloud giants

Robust management
system for composable
(CLI and REST)

Ideal for effortless deployment in the data center - DevOps Continuous deployment

CLI support for management operations using script automation and monitoring
RESTful API provides a standard HTTPS-based interface for data center management systems

Ease of deployment in hyperscale data centers

Lightbits allows flexible storage server implementations with no changes to application servers or network infrastructure with seamless integration of in-line storage services at 100Gbps performance.

The solution natively supports cloud workloads such as big data, analytics, and containers, and frees clusters to scale across data center zones.

Composable storage infrastructure

  • Allow smooth application migration across the data center
  • Highest availability with efficient load balancing of compute nodes
  • Fast failover recovery with persistent volumes
  • High utilization with on the fly provisioning of storage pools

Finally, efficient and scalable storage

Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) is dramatically reduced through the use of Thin Provisioning – purchase only what you need. Combining this with  in-line data reduction further increases your Return on Investment (ROI) – reduce the amount of data you write, maximizing utilization, reducing wear and  extending the endurance of standard SSDs.

Battle tested solution from the creators of NVMe/TCP

Lightbits’ team members are the creators of the NVMe/TCP standard and among the originators of NVMe over Fabric. Lightbits offers a proven solution, successfully tested in leading cloud data-centers. Learn about NVMe/TCP >

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