What We Do

We help our customers achieve hyperscale efficiency and cost savings for their own private cloud or public storage as a service offering.

With our software-defined block storage solution, LightOS, customers scale their business effortlessly, accelerate IT operations, and reduce cost – at the speed of local flash.

Scale Out Disaggregated Storage

We deliver software-defined NVMe/TCP storage that performs like local flash.

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How We Do It

We pioneered NVMe/TCP so that you can extend NVMe across the entire data center using simple and efficient TCP/IP fabrics.

You simply populate LightOS target servers with the drives of your choice and then any application server on the network can enjoy NVMe performance.

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Deployment Options

Software-Defined Storage

Select the x86 server platform hardware and NVMe drives from a vendor of choice


3rd Gen Intel® Xeon® Scalable Processors & Optane

3rd Gen Intel® Xeon® Scalable Processors & Optane

50% Performance Increase and 30% Total Storage Cost Reduction

Lightbits SuperSSD
Deployment Ready Appliance

SuperSSD™ makes deployment easy with pre configured hardware and software with a choice of capacities and full hardware and software support

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Unleash Flexibility Without Compromise

Break the dependency between compute and storage to allocate resources independently to bring the flexibility and efficiency of the cloud on-premises.

Scale application servers without being forced to add storage. Scale capacity and performance without having to add CPU.No more wasted capacity. No need to compromise performance.

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Accelerate Your Applications

Deliver low latency and high performance while guaranteeing high availability for your distributed databases and cloud native applications such as SQL, NoSQL, and “in memory”.

Enable persistent storage in container environments while retaining service autonomy and freedom from server physicality. LightOS empowers you to move stateful services like Apache Kafka, Apache Cassandra, and MongoDB move to container deployments in Kubernetes or other container orchestration environments. No interruption in service. No forced migration due to a drive or storage node failure.

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Reduce Total Cost Up to 50%

Achieve as much as 10:1 data efficiency and reduction with rich data services including resizable logical volumes, inline compression, thin provisioning and of course, data protection.

Consolidate hardware and improve endurance. No more overprovisioning. No more dollars wasted.

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Clustered Failover Solution

Distributed and Durable Cluster Management

Fast Failover Handling (2-3 seconds)

3 to 16 Storage Servers per Cluster

Automatic Volume Placement

HIgh Performance and Low Latency

Millions of IOPs

Reduction in Tail Latency

Rich Data Services

Thin Provisioning


Elastic RAID

Volume Replication

100% Target side solution

Leveraging standard NVMeoF 1.1 multipathing (ANA)

Clients can be connected to multiple storage clusters enabling effectively unlimited capacity

Ecosystem Integration

Kubernetes v1.13, v1.15 and above via CSI

Bare Metal

Ansible playbooks for various Linux distributions


RESTful API provides a standard HTTPS-based interface

CLI support for scripts and monitoring

Metrics and Alerts based on Prometheus

Pre-configured Grafana dashboards

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