Scalable and Efficient Storage
for Cloud‑Native Data Centers

Lightbits powers NVMe as a service for any cloud — whatever cloud you are building: IaaS, STaaS, PaaS.

Lightbits Solves the Storage Transition Towards the Cloud-Native Data Center

Cloud Service Providers and Enterprise IT organizations supporting private, edge or public clouds have the same problems when architecting their infrastructure: keep pace with growing business demand and maximize profitability while providing services that are fast, resilient, and secure. Cloud environments [IaaS, STaaS, PaaS] require a modern approach to storage. You need a solution that is simple, scalable, cost-efficient and integrates with any orchestration system on any server or any cloud. Lightbits is your solution.

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Lightbits offers enterprise-grade, high-performance, resilient block storage on AWS that provides greater cost-efficiency than other solutions.

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Lightbits Software Defined Storage enables Cassandra compute nodes to achieve higher performance without stranding and wasting storage within each compute node.

Lightbits delivers the scalability, low latency, durability, and high availability to accelerate applications in Apache Kafka and support its unique real-time needs.

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Applications and services running at scale must stay stateful as they migrate around the data center in order to keep services available and efficient in the presence of constant failures. Running Lightbits with Kubernetes addresses these requirements as containers can be quickly spun up anywhere and terminated with minimal overhead.

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Disaggregation using the Lightbits Software-Defined Storage solution enables MySQL compute nodes to achieve high performance without stranding capacity and wasting storage within each compute node.

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With Lightbits, OpenStack clusters have access to software-defined block storage that delivers cloud-native, high-performance, scale-out, and highly available NVMe/TCP storage.

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Lightbits storage for VMware provides a seamless integration via the vCenter plugin allowing applications to consume high-performance feature-rich NVMe storage for virtual machines and manage the Lightbits cluster. Lightbits is fully certified with VMware vSphere® 7U3.

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