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Scale Out Flash Storage: Questions and Answers

The ramp up of Scale-Out Flash Storage (SOFS) is challenging the storage deployment status quo,…

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Ceph and the quest for high performance low latency storage

Has the emergence of flash storage pushed open source storage software Ceph past its prime?…

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The Ultimate Software-Defined Storage Glossary

Understand the latest terms and trends that are defined software-defined storage including NVMe, NVMe, TCP, RDMA and more!

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Mainstream Linux distributions now include support for NVMe/TCP

Since its ratification in last November, NVMe/TCP is gaining significant momentum in the storage arena…

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Can Private Clouds Grow Up to Be Amazon?

Smaller enterprises rely on public clouds; mammoth enterprises build their own clouds; and the rest are stuck in between. How can the gap be closed?

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Adieu, iSCSI Bottlenecks and Hello NVMe/TCP

iSCSI has served its purpose for the storage industry, and it’s time to bid it adieu. Read this blog post to understand why it’s time for NVMe/TCP.

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VMworld 2019: Where Disaggregation meets Hyperconverged Infrastructure

When vSAN hyperconverged infrastucture combines with Lightbits’ NVMe/TCP disaggregation technology, vSAN clusters can scale storage and compute independently.

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Amsterdam is blocking new datacenters.

Amsterdam put a stop to build new data centers for 1 year. What to do in between if we need growth in performnance and capacity. A few tips. Is this the start of encouraging efficient technologies and discouraging old cheap and pollution technologies?

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Get your hands on NVMe/TCP at Flash Memory Summit 2019

This is one of those opportunities that don’t come along often, to be on the ground floor of a major new trend. Space is limited, so don’t miss it – register now to join us at the NVMe/TCP hands-on workshop!

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