Lightbits for Azure VMware Solution (AVS)

Lower cloud storage costs by 50%, with the lowest latency external block storage for performance-sensitive workloads on AVS.

Azure VMware Solution

Cost-Efficient Data Platform for AVS Migrations

Offered as a Managed Application for turnkey operations, Lightbits as an external block storage target for performance-sensitive workloads on Azure VMware Solution delivers lower, more predictable storage costs with essential data services included in the license.

“Lightbits offers the most scalable and highest performance storage we’ve tested on Azure.”

Azure Storage Product Manager


See How Much You Can Save on Your Cloud Storage Costs on Azure VMware Solution

With Lightbits on Azure VMware Solution (AVS) you can scale storage dynamically instead of over provisioning storage or compute for capacity and application performance.  Lightbits offers lower, more predictable storage costs with better performance and unlimited scaling.

Why Lightbits for Azure VMware Solution

data services

Enterprise Data Services

Lightbits unifies resources so you can efficiently provision and manage storage like a SAN, with key enterprise data services included in the license.

cost efficiency

Cost Efficiency

Scale storage dynamically instead of overprovisioning resources for lower, more predictable high-performance cloud storage costs.

Performance at Scale

Lightbits consistently delivers sub-millisecond latency under heavy load making it ideal for databases that support customer-facing applications with unpredictable demand.

Lightbits Delivers Scalable Performance and Low Latency Under a Heavy Application Load

Lightbits performance bar chart
risk free

Superior Performance for Half the Cost. Guaranteed.