Lightbits for a Private
Cloud Data Platform

Lightbits Software-Defined Storage is the Foundation for Building a High-Performance, Cost-Efficient, and Agile Cloud Data Platform.

Enterprise Cloud Data Platform that Delivers Hyperscale Efficiency and Flexibility

The Lightbits cloud data platform brings hyperscale efficiency and flexibility to your private, on-premises cloud. Designed for demanding databases and cloud-native applications, Lightbits software-defined block storage offers an unmatched combination of performance, resiliency, and scalability.

Lightbits revolutionizes EBS for private cloud and composable infrastructure, delivering scalable capacity and performance more efficiently than traditional SAN or DAS. With Lightbits in your data center, you can simplify data storage infrastructure management and operations while lowering costs.  

Lightbits is Ideal for a Range of Enterprise Cloud Data Platform Deployments

Cloud Data
Platform for Kubernetes

Persistent storage volumes via CSI plugin with the ability to support hundreds of Kubernetes clusters from a single Lightbits cluster while delivering performance equivalent to local flash and seamless support for microservices, and snapshots and clones for portability.

Cloud Data
Platform for Virtualized Environments

Manage virtual machine images and datastores in VMware and OpenStack efficiently. Easily replicate your virtual server images and assign them out to virtual machines—no cumbersome and time and space-consuming copying processes are required.

Cloud Data
Platform for Performance-Sensitive Databases

With up to 75 million IOPS with sub-millisecond tail latency, Lightbits provides the ideal platform for storage-intensive SQL and NoSQL databases, from transactional databases with high user demand to real-time analysis data pipelines, to high-intensity AI-oriented database workloads.

Cloud Data
Platform for Cloud Service Providers

A single Lightbits cluster provides multi-tenancy for multiple heterogeneous environments. Lightbits Quality of Service (QoS) ensures your users won’t notice any service impacts.

icon efficiency

Unmatched Cost Efficiency

Composable infrastructure combined with software-defined block storage and API automation tools maximize resource utilization and efficiency while delivering up to 80% lower TCO compared to DAS or SAN.


High Availability & Resiliency

Essential data services paired with a clustered architecture ensures high availability and resiliency, incorporating fast snapshots and clones as well as multi-tenant QoS assurances.

icon performance

Performance at Scale

Leverages the power of NVMe storage to deliver up to 75M IOPS and sub millisecond tail latency. Ideal enterprise cloud data platform solution for SQL and NoSQL databases and large-scale virtualization, and latency-sensitive workloads.

Software-Defined Storage for Private Clouds

While Ceph block storage offers open-source advantages, Lightbits’ purpose-built and cloud-native design delivers substantially better storage performance, efficiency, and operational simplicity at scale for demanding production workloads, such as SQL, NoSQL, real-time, and vector databases.

Lightbits Beat Ceph Storage Performance by 16X While Lowering TCO

Lightbits IOPS outperforms Ceph for 4KB and 8KB block sizes
Lightbits outperforms Ceph for 4KB Write I/O

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