LightOS 2.0 Installation and Configuration Guide

Provides the procedures and commands to install the LightOS cluster software, install the cluster client software, and connect the cluster client to LightOS.

LightOS 2.0 Administrator’s Guide

The Guide is intended to help storage administrators maintain the Lightbits products to ensure their ongoing operations with the Application Clients.

LightOS 2.0 API User Manual

Lists the low-level details for the REST API and CLI command usage. This document is typically used as a reference manual when building and administering the system.

LightOS 2.0 Release Notes

Learn what new was introduced in LightOS releases

LightOS 2.0 Known Issues

Learn about fixed and known issues in the releases

Lightbits Service Desk

You can raise any support or feature request by opening a ticked in the customer’s secured zone.