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Cloud-scale data centers require a different approach

Cloud-scale data centers require disaggregation of storage and compute, as evidenced by the top cloud giants’ transition from inefficient Direct-Attached SSD architecture to low-latency shared NVMe® flash architecture.
The Lightbits team, who were key contributors to the NVMe® standard and among the originators of NVMe® over Fabrics (NVMe-oF™), now bring you their latest innovation: the Lightbits NVMe®/TCP solution.

Split storage and compute, network and clients untouched

In stark contrast to other NVMe-oF™ solutions, the Lightbits NVMe®/TCP solution separates storage and compute without touching the network infrastructure or data center clients. With NVMe®/TCP, Lightbits delivers the same IOPS as direct-attached NVMe® SSDs and up to a 50% reduction in tail latency.

Lightbits Labs Introduction

Leadership team

Avigdor Willenz

Co-founder and Chairman

Eran Kirzner

Co-founder and Chief Executive Officer

Miki Avni

Chief Financial Officer

Kam Eshghi

Chief Strategy Officer

Gil Sasson

Chief R&D Officer

Sagi Grimberg

Co-founder and CTO

Muli Ben-Yehuda

Co-founder and Chief Scientist

Yael Galor

HR Director

George Agasandian

Co-founder and VP of Solutions Engineering & Customer Success

Ofir Efrati

Co founder & Distinguished Architect

Amir Michael

Chief Technology Evangelist

Ron Cohen

VP of Software R&D

Abel Gordon

Chief System Architect

Maor Vanmak

VP of Architecture

Pete Brey

VP of Product Marketing

Carol Platz

VP of Marketing

Charla Bunton-Johnson

VP of Global Alliances & Channels

Rick Gouveia

VP of Sales, US West

Thomas A. DeLorenzo

VP of Sales, US East

Keimpe Paulus

Sales Director, EMEA


Advisory board

Yoav Intrator, Ph.D.

Yoav Intrator, Ph.D.

Ri$kQ, J.P. Morgan, Microsoft, Deutsche Bank

Christos Karamanolis

Christos Karamanolis

VMware, HPE

Valerie Knafo

Valerie Knafo

AWS, Dell

Inbar Lasser-Raab

Inbar Lasser-Raab

Cisco, Nortel

Ivan Li

Ivan Li

Microsemi, PMC-Sierra

Peter Onufryk

Peter Onufryk

Intel, Microchip/PMC-Sierra

Mike Shapiro

Mike Shapiro

EMC/DSSD, Oracle/Sun

Yotam Yemini

Yotam Yemini

Oort, Turbonomic