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Cloud-scale data centers require a different approach

Cloud-scale data centers require disaggregation of storage and compute, as evidenced by the top cloud giants’ transition from inefficient Direct-Attached SSD architecture to low-latency shared NVMe flash architecture.
The Lightbits team, who were key contributors to the NVMe standard and among the originators of NVMe over Fabrics (NVMe-oF), now bring you their latest innovation: the Lightbits NVMe/TCP solution.

Split storage and compute, network and clients untouched

In stark contrast to other NVMe-oF solutions, the Lightbits NVMe/TCP solution separates storage and compute without touching the network infrastructure or data center clients. With NVMe/TCP, Lightbits delivers the same IOPS as direct-attached NVMe SSDs and up to a 50% reduction in tail latency.

Leadership team

Avigdor Willenz

Co-founder and Chairman

Eran Kirzner

Co-founder and Chief Executive Officer

Miki Avni

Chief Financial Officer

Shaul Galila

Chief Operating Officer

Kam Eshghi

Chief Strategy Officer

Sagi Grimberg

Co-founder and CTO

Muli Ben-Yehuda

Co-founder and Chief Scientist

George Agasandian

Co-founder and VP of Solutions Engineering & Customer Success

Amir Michael

Chief Technology Evangelist

Ivan Li

Sales Vice President, APAC

Alyssa Holley

Sales Director, US East

Brent Vorous

Sales Director, US West

Keimpe Paulus

Sales Director, EMEA

Mathijs Dubbe

Sales Engineer, EMEA

Andrew Park

Business Development

Samer Haija

Director of Product Management

Josh Goldenhar

VP of Product Marketing

Megan Gay

Director of Marketing

Abel Gordon

Chief System Architect

Ofir Efrati

Co founder & Distinguished Architect

Roy Shterman

Distinguished Solutions Architect

Roy Geron

Head of HW & VLSI/FPGA

Yael Galor

HR Manager

Yaniv Nassim

Director of Program Management & Operations


Advisory board

Valerie Knafo

Valerie Knafo

Dell EMC

Inbar Lasser-Raab

Inbar Lasser-Raab

Cisco, Nortel

Peter Onufryk

Peter Onufryk

Intel, Microchip/PMC-Sierra

Mike Shapiro

Mike Shapiro

EMC/DSSD, Oracle/Sun

Yotam Yemini

Yotam Yemini

Quantum Metric, Turbonomic