NVMe over TCP

Time for NVMe®/TCP

NVMe® was designed for high-performance direct-attached PCIe SSDs and was later expanded with NVMe® over Fabrics (NVMe-oF™) to support a hyperscale remote pool of SSDs. The industry has widely accepted that this new NVMe-oF™ model will replace Direct-Attached Storage (DAS) and become the default protocol for disaggregated storage in cloud infrastructure.

Ubiquitous standard for storage disaggregation

NVMe®/TCP is the most powerful NVMe-oF™ technology, providing high performance with reduced deployment costs and design complexity. It extends NVMe® across the entire data center using simple and efficient TCP/IP fabric.

Download Free NVMe®/TCP Drivers

Disaggregation with
direct-attached storage (DAS) performance

Disaggregation for tens of thousands of nodes across entire data center

First flexible connection setup ideal for containers and serverless cloud-native applications


Maximized SSD utilization in the data center

ssd cpu

Disaggregated storage with the performance and latency of direct-attached SSDs

Parallelism of NVMe® over TCP

Built on top of the TCP/IP software stack, NVMe®/TCP enables efficient and streamlined block storage, optimized for today’s multi-core application servers.

Server Parallelism

Multi- Core CPUs and Multiple NVMe I/O Queues

Network Parallelism

Multiple NVMe I/O Queues mapped to Multiple TCP connections

Lightbits Parallelism

Lightbits NVMe/TCP Open Storage Platform