Oracle on the Cloud with Lightbits

Up to 4x faster on AWS and Azure and with greater cost‑efficiency than other native cloud storage solutions.

Why Choose Lightbits to Power Your Oracle Database on the Cloud?

Lightbits makes Oracle on the cloud better than ever by exceeding the performance limits of native cloud solutions delivering up to 4x more IOPs than native cloud storage on AWS or Azure, offering enterprise data services included in the license, and predictable low cost for IO-intensive workloads. With Lightbits you can migrate your Oracle workloads on AWS or Azure cost-efficiently and with equivalent performance that you are used to on-premises for a better Oracle experience on the cloud.

Lower and Predictable Costs.

Pay up to 2.5X less than native cloud storage solutions. Deploy fewer instances and save on licensing costs. Right-size your storage on the cloud and only pay for instances used instead of provisioned IOPS or throughput.

High Performance.

High IOPs/low latency volumes can support higher Oracle transactions per second (TPS) and improve application performance, so there’s no need to pay for high-performance EBS volumes with provisioned IOPS. Enjoy instance snapshots and restores with no additional cost.


Lightbits license portability between on-premises and public cloud(s). Improve performance by scaling the storage cluster.

The Lightbits Advantage


  • Compression and compaction
  • Thin Provisioning
  • Cluster auto scale up and down
  • Unlimited and flexible snapshots and clones
  • Unlimited restores
  • Per volume replication policies with data protection via 3-way replication
  • Pay for used capacity, not provisioned capacity

and Consistent
Low Latency

  • 1M IOPS/volume
  • Low <500 µsec avg latency
  • sub-millisecond tail latency
  • Accelerate application performance without adding cores or nodes

Ease of Use

  • 15-minute setup
  • CloudFormation and AMI-based setup
  • Available on AWS Marketplace
  • API and command-line
  • Cluster auto scale up and down
  • Cluster load distribution & rebalancing
  • Auto upgrades
  • Auto healing
  • Hybrid models, migrate to the cloud at your pace and on your terms

Better by the Numbers

In testing using real-world workload scenarios, Lightbits delivers up to 4.6X more IOPS than the best available cloud native storage (EBS io2 Block Express), which reaches its limits at around 250K IOPS.

lightbits on aws with oracle performance graph

Lightbits on Azure can deliver almost 1M sustained IPS of 8KB while Ultra Disk is limited to only 80K IOPS of 8KB.

Lightbits versus Azure Ultra Disk for Oracle using SLOB

Lightbits on AWS Deployment Model

Lightbits offers the best hybrid cloud platform so you can migrate to the cloud at your pace and on your terms. Your Lightbits licenses are portable between on-premises and public cloud(s).

lightbits on azure deployment model

Lightbits for Oracle on Azure VMs

Storage will affect how well your Oracle tasks run, how reliable they are, and how much they cost. Understanding the choices of available storage options and their performance capabilities is the key to successfully migrating Oracle to Azure VMs.

Read this Microsoft article, which explains more about the storage options for Oracle on Azure VMs.

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