Lightbits for eCommerce

Lower Cloud Storage Costs, Accelerate Online Transactions and Auto-Scale Services in Response to Customer Demand.

eCommerce Storage Solution for Any Cloud

Upgrade your eCommerce platform to software-defined storage. Eliminate the complexity or expense of traditional DAS or SAN storage architectures with a more agile, efficient data platform. With Lightbits, your eCommerce platform can effortlessly and economically scale to meet your business growth.

Reduce TCO for your public cloud storage. Stop overpaying for premium storage on Azure or AWS to get the high performance you need to handle demand surges. With Lightbits, you can dramatically lower your cloud charges while still ensuring your online shoppers get an exceptional purchasing experience.

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Performance at Scale

Deliver the best services for your customers by using the fastest block storage available today on any cloud with dynamic scaling that ensuring service continuity during peak demand periods.

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Cost Efficiency

Lower your cloud storage TCO by as much as 50% with flexible software licensing that is portable across public, private, and hybrid clouds.

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High Availability and

Avoid service disruptions and ensure business continuity with feature-rich enterprise data services included in the software license.

Retailers Save More on Cloud Storage with Lightbits

Lightbits works on any cloud offering greater performance than you can achieve with native public cloud storage or legacy systems on premises. See the TCO savings achieved by one eCommerce retailer who built their service on Azure.

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