Cost-Efficient, Resilient, High-Performance Storage for AVS

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Are cost performance concerns impacting your cloud migration to Azure VMware Solution?

With Lightbits, you can provision fast block storage that dynamically scales as business demand increases – without the expense of deploying additional ESXi servers.

Certified by VMware and fully integrated with AVS, Lightbits storage is ideal for virtualized databases – Oracle, MySQL, PostgreSQL, MongoBD – and other storage intensive workloads that demand consistent sub-millisecond latency and scalable throughput.

Download this white paper to learn how Lightbits storage:

  • Achieves the lowest latency available on AVS
  • Reduces AVS costs with simple, predictable storage pricing
  • Improves AVS application availability through multi-AZ support
  • Enables multi-tenancy across multiple Azure workloads and environments

Read how Lightbits delivers higher throughput than vSAN for all block sizes–up to 4x higher!

Lightbits versus vSAN

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