Lightbits as a Service​

Your data. Our cloud storage expertise. Save money through OPEX agility. Pay only for the storage you need, when you need it. 

Lightbits as a Service Eliminates any Guesswork in Switching to the Cloud.

Do you have a cloud-first strategy, but no expertise in-house to implement it? Entrust your data requirements to Lightbits Labs−experts in cloud storage. Leveraging Lightbits as a Service grants you access to the latest and greatest in cloud storage management, availability, and reliability without having to incur the technical overhead of managing those resources yourself. Delivering OPEX agility. Plus, your cloud data platform is always optimized for you for maximum cost-efficiency. Lightbits can be deployed in your VPC or Lightbits Labs’ VPC on AWS and Azure. The infrastructure life cycle is managed for you by Lightbits.​

Make the switch today.


A storage cluster is provisioned for you in minutes on AWS or Azure, complete with enterprise data services such as compression, thin provisioning, and auto-scaling.​


Delivers OPEX agility and a high ROI. Reduces your data center footprint and delivers better performance and lower latency at lower predictable costs than other native public cloud storage solutions.


Storage is dynamically adjusted to meet your immediate business needs. Only pay for the storage that is used and don’t spend any time on infrastructure management and remediation activities.

Lightbits Does Cloud Better than Anybody Else

Offering the industry’s highest performance, consistent low latency, and predictable lower costs.

Lightbits Does Cloud Better than Anybody Else​

Make the Switch to the Cloud Today

Get started with Lightbits as Service by requesting a storage optimization session with a cloud data platform expert.