NVMe/TCP Storage Server
Lightbits on Dell PowerEdge

Deliver flexibility and efficiency of hyperscale storage to on-premise cloud infrastructure


  • Scale storage independent from compute
  • Support up to 24 SSDs (192 TB raw capacity with 8 TB SSDs)


  • When there is any failure, data is protected and service is uninterrupted
  • Elastic Erasure Coding (EC) isolates SSD failures and ensures continued services


  • Optimized for low latency and high IOPS with standard NVMe/TCP front end-interface
  • Best utilization of storage resources with thin provisioning and wire speed compression

Reduce MySQL Database by over 40% and Tail Latency by 30%!

Applications are increasingly data-driven, processing higher volumes of data at low latency.  To meet the challenge of providing enhanced services, cloud providers must continually innovate.

Lightbits enables database applications (e.g., MySQL, MongoDB, Cassandra) as well as analytic workloads to provide the best experience to the customers consuming the data, without having to make any changes to the network infrastructure or application servers.

Dell Hard Disk

“Solutions built around the speed and efficiency of NVMe over TCP offer frictionless disaggregation for companies needing scalable storage. Based on our deep familiarity with the founding team and their outstanding track record, Dell Technologies Capital is excited to be an investor supporting Lightbits Labs,”

Yair Snir
Vice President and Managing Director, Dell Technologies Capital

Unleash Hyperscale Disaggregation