Lightbits with Inspur

Advanced all-flash data platform from Inspur and Lightbits helps enterprise organizations optimize cloud and datacenter storage.


Distributed, All-Flash Data Platform from Lightbits and Inspur Information

To solve the storage challenges endemic in cloud computing, Inspur and Lightbits partner to offer a distributed all-flash storage solution based on NVMe/TCP. The solution combines Inspur servers equipped with Intel® high-performance technologies and Inspur NS8610 G1 solid state drives with the Lightbits Cloud Data Platform for efficient datacenter processing and cloud storage.

The integrated solution adopts Inspur’s new-generation 2U2-socket NF5280M6 rack server hardware platform and Lightbits distributed software-defined storage software platform for flexible configurations and elastic expansions of infrastructure. Because the solution is architected to take full advantage of high performance of NVMe SSDs and Intel high-performance hardware you are assured the highest bandwidth, IOPs, and the lowest latency to accelerate your cloud-native applications.

High Reliability.

The joint solution adopts multiple protection technologies at both the software and hardware levels to enhance data reliability, security and availability. Inspur’s built-in innovatively designed NAND feature self-learning algorithm model and Lightbits’ Intelligent Flash Management extends SSD endurance. Elastic Erasure Coding ensures that data services are always reliable and available. Full-path end-to-end data protection supports backup and restores to and from S3.

Enterprise-Class Data Services.

The solution fully supports mainstream enterprise-level storage features, including multiple replications and erasure coding, compression and thin provisioning, snapshots, clones, QoS, load balancing, silent data error checking and recovery, SSD fault self-healing, and storage node fault self-healing, multi-tenancy support, and more.


This solution has been fully verified to ensure compatibility and stability. It supports standard Ethernet deployment methods, supports mainstream operation systems such as Linux and VMware, and can be seamlessly integrated with virtual machines and container orchestration systems such as Kubernetes and OpenStack, without the need to install proprietary software or special drivers. Simple command line operations implement system installation and deployment, provide plug-and-play storage services, and greatly simplify deployments.

Use Cases

Database Workloads

  • Accelerates performance to ensure SLAs are met or exceeded
  • Delivers near equivalent performance to local flash
  • High IOPs
  • Low latency

Data Analysis

  • Easy to implement, operate and maintain
  • Rich enterprise-class data services
  • High reliability
  • High data security

Cloud Infrastructure

  • Ultra-high performance
  • Reduce TCO
  • Distributed architecture for flexible configurations and expansion of infrastructure
  • Enables cloud transformation


  • High throughput
  • Low latency
  • End-to-end data protection
  • Supports backing up volumes to S3 and restoring volumes from S3

A High-Performance Solution Capable of 14M IOPs Random Read Performance!

Inspur together with Lightbits leverage their advantages and cooperate strongly to build a distributed all-flash storage solution that utilizes persistent storage and end-to-end NVMe/TCP and other new technologies to unleash the excellent performance of flash memory and achieve better flexible expansion capabilities. It is a better choice for high-performance storage demanding applications, such as database, data analysis, cloud infrastructure, and more.
Lightbits plus Inspur

Accelerate IO-Intensive Workloads with Lightbits and Inspur