Lightbits on Supermicro SuperServers

Supermicro and Lightbits together deliver a high-performance, disaggregated, low latency storage system that accelerates cloud-native applications and reduces TCO.

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Customer Stories

“We have built an end-to-end high-performance edge cloud with strong security and elasticity, with much less management overhead and stress.”

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Jim Xu
Principal Engineer


Build Your Cloud with Lightbits on Supermicro SuperServers

Lightbits’ software-defined, disaggregated and high-performance storage can be deployed on Supermicro SuperServers over standard ethernet networks using TCP/IP protocol, requiring zero modification to applications enabling the rapid deployment of scalable, high-performance cloud  storage. The joint offering features all NVMe in a performance-dense form factor that provides outstanding performance and low latency to accelerate cloud-native applications and reduce TCO.

For the ultimate in scalability, performance and convenience, this ready-to-deploy solution delivers composable storage with built-in Intelligent Flash Management that increases flash endurance by 20X. When paired with Lightbits, a Supermicro SuperServer makes for an optimal data platform for Cloud Service Providers (CSPs), high-performance databases, analytics, VMware, Kubernetes, or OpenStack environments.

High Performance.

A single SuperServer in a Lightbits cluster with redundancy enabled can serve up to 4.7 million random 4K read IOPs, up to 760,000 random 4K write IOPs, up to 21GB/s of read bandwidth and up to 4.3GB/s of write bandwidth.


The pre-integrated solution is simple and easy to consume requiring no change to the network running on standard Ethernet NICs with standard TCP/IP networking infrastructure. It’s disaggregated, so compute can be scaled independently of storage. And enterprise-rich data services, such as thin provisioning, compression, QoS, and replication are included in the software license.

Low TCO.

Lightbits’ proprietary Intelligent Flash Management maximizes resource utilization and improves flash endurance for better ROI.

Use Cases

CSPs, Private and Edge Clouds

  • Cloud services: IaaS, PaaS, and SaaS
  • Cloud infrastructure for container and virtualized environments

Latency Sensitive, High Transaction Workloads

  • Traditional FinTech
  • Log processing (ELK, Splunk)
  • Apache Kafka streams

Latency and Performance Sensitive Databases

  • Single instance database (MySQL, Postgres, Maria DB)
  • Distributed/Replicated databases (MongoDB, CockroachDB, Cassandra)


  • CDN
  • Streaming
“Supermicro enables customers’ cloud environments with highly scalable, cost-effective enterprise-class storage solutions like Lightbits. Our SuperServer appliance with Lightbits scale-out solution featuring NVMe/TCP is a great addition to our Software-Defined Storage offerings and making it available as a preconfigured and fully tested appliance with a unique SKU enables the channel community to rapidly deploy industry-leading hardware and software.”

Lawrence Lam
VP of Solutions and Technology

Lightbits Cloud Data Platform on Supermicro SuperServers

Build your cloud with confidence using Lightbits pre-integrated with Supermicro servers.
Lightbits and Supermicro

Build Your Cloud on Lightbits with Supermicro SuperServers