Kubernetes® and Lightbits

Cloud-Native Storage for Kubernetes

Lightbits persistent storage for Kubernetes provides a simple storage solution via the Container Storage Interface (CSI) that extends the efficiency of containers to NVMe® flash while maintaining performance, flexibility and application portability. Because Lightbits maximizes the utility of NVMe® flash it offers the best value for performance, scalability and lower TCO. And it’s unlike other Kubernetes storage solutions, in that one Lightbits cluster can support upstream K8s, OCP, Tanzu, OpenStack, and vSphere.

Accelerate Stateful Applications with Simplified Storage

Most of the popular stateful applications [MongoDB, MySQL, Cassandra, Apache Kafka, Spark, etc.] benefit from local NVMe® for low latency, high performance when deployed on bare metal. While utilizing local NVMe® with Kubernetes Local Persistent Volume functionality meets the storage requirements for these applications, it breaks the benefits of Kubernetes container/application portability. And while many storage solutions offer persistent volumes, they compromise application performance.

Only Lightbits delivers the performance of Local Persistent Volumes while retaining pod autonomy and freedom from server physicality. It’s cloud-native, software-defined storage that offers the high performance and low latency benefits of local NVMe® SSDs, without compromising container/pod portability.

Persistence Without Compromise

Provision Storage

Provision storage as fast and dynamic as the containers it serves

Container Migration

Enables faster container migration between nodes


Provides high IOPs, low latency performance equivalent to local flash


Increases efficiency, flash endurance and scaling storage independently from compute


More uptime, increased SLAs–applications do not see drive failures and are able to migrate without full drive rebuilds

High-Performance, Software-Defined Storage for Kubernetes

Standard Servers, NICs and SSDs

Kubernetes eBook

Get the portability of Kubernetes with the performance of local flash by using Lightbits Labs LightOS and Intel® technology.