Lightbits with Micron Advanced Storage and Memory

Micron and Lightbits together deliver a disaggregated, scalable and cost-efficient cloud data platform with super high performance.

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Customer Stories

“Lightbits on Micron SSDs blew everything else out of the water, with consistently higher throughput, IOPS, and lower latency across the board. We were impressed with the performance and consistency of Lightbits.”

Crusoe Energy Systems


Accelerate Cloud-Native Apps with Lightbits and Micron

Micron and Lightbits are working together to enable NVMe optimized storage solutions for today’s modern cloud-native applications. Modern applications demand the high-performance and consistent low latency that NVMe is known for. Lightbits leverages the performance of NVMe with the efficiency and flexibility of sharable deployments without the need for expensive, proprietary, and specialized hardware and networking. 

Lightbits creates a single pool of storage built upon industry-standard servers hosting advanced Micron NVMe SSDs and memory to accelerate your cloud-native applications while lowering infrastructure costs and improving efficiency. 

High Performance.

Any cloud can benefit from the combined consolidated, shared storage solution that delivers near local flash performance across a wide range of workloads and with better overall latency.

Highly secure

Highly Secure.

Micron NVMe SSDs provide data path protection between the server and the SSD ensuring that your data is safe from power loss during any write operation. The result – your data is safer from application to SSD, no matter the configuration.

Low TCO.

Lightbits advanced architecture with Intelligent Flash Management that extends SSD endurance and enterprise-class data services that allow you to dynamically scale storage in lock step with your business demands reduce the cost of deployment and lowers the cost of ownership.

Use Cases


  • Manage virtual machine images and datastores in bare-metal or application environments like Vmware, Kubernetes, and OpenStack.
  • Easily replicate your virtual server images and assign them to virtual machines – with no cumbersome and time-consuming copying processes required.



  • Multi-terabyte databases can be cloned near instantaneously. 
  • Databases can be readily cloned for developers seeking a non-disruptive environment to apply, test and validate their changes with minimal storage capacity usage.

Container Applications

  • Persistent volumes via container storage interface (CSI) plugin.
  • For Kubernetes environments with containers and persistent volumes, Lightbits can provide all the snapshot/clone functionality – with seamless support for microservices
  • Near-local flash performance
  • One Lightbits cluster supports hundreds of Kubernetes clusters without inhibiting Kubernetes container portability model.

NoSQL Databases

  • Micron HSE, when used in place of WiredTiger, dramatically improves overall database performance.
  • 6X better OPS/second
  • 30X better QoS latency
  • 5X better power efficiency
“Our ground-breaking Heterogeneous-Memory Storage Engine (HSE) open-source software for Linux®, can offer up to 6X the transactions of other SSD-based solutions for data analytics. HSE was designed from the ground up to extend SSD endurance, reduce latency and maximize network efficiency. When used in combination with Lightbits SDS it’s an even better solution for cloud-based database workloads.”
Larry Hart
Sr. Director, Storage Business Unit, Solution Marketing

Micron SSDs and Lightbits Enable Low-Latency, Cloud-Native, Highly Scalable Storage

With deep engineering collaboration, Micron and Lightbits are working together to enable the integrated, optimized NVMe storage solutions your cloud-native applications demand.

Build Your Cloud on Lightbits with Micron NVME SSDs