Lightbits on the Cloud Powered by Intel Technology

When combined with Intel® technologies, Lightbits software-defined storage accelerates database, analytics, transactional, and streaming applications on any cloud while delivering predictable low costs.

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Lightbits Data Platform with Intel Technologies is Ideal for Cloud and Hybrid Workloads

Lightbits delivers enterprise-grade, resilient block storage that is easy to deploy and use on any cloud. When combined with Intel technologies, the solution accelerates database, analytics, transactional, and streaming applications on any cloud while delivering predictable low costs.

For organizations who want to move their critical workloads on SAN to the cloud, the Lightbits Data Platform comes with built-in data services [compression, thin provisioning, snapshots, clones, and restores] and plugs directly into Intel® Xeon®-based storage optimized AWS Elastic Cloud Compute (EC2) instances for the highest performance and lowest consistent latency. The NVMe® over TCP (NVMe/TCP) optimized storage cluster offers users consistent low latency and high-performance access to data.


  • Simplified enterprise-class data services
  • Provision a storage cluster and start allocating data volumes in minutes
  • One unified programming and command-line interface for cloud or on-premises deployments
  • Snapshots and backup to S3


  • High performance – consistent low latency
  • Ideal for database workloads like Oracle & PostgreSQL
  • Only pay for the storage that is used and effectively spend less time on management and remediation activities                               


  • Auto-scaling capacity – no more overprovisioning
  • Built-in compression – reduces capacity requirements

Use Cases

Relational Databases
[e.g. Oracle]

  • Superior performance to any native cloud storage offering today
  • Considerable cost-savings
  • Complete SAN solution for the cloud


NoSQL Databases & Transactional Workloads
[e.g. Cassandra + Datastax]

  • Reduce operational complexity with scalable, disaggregated, centrally managed, and hybrid cloud data platform
  • Persistent, multi-attach platform that reduces data access risk with fast rebuilds
  • Reduce cloud infrastructure costs and TCO at scale
  • Improve application performance


Streaming Applications
[e.g. Kafka]

  • Solve common storage bottlenecks with the highest performance and lowest latency available today on the cloud
  • Hybrid and multi-cloud


Migrate On-Premises SAN to the Cloud

  • Built-in enterprise data services
  • High IOPs, consistent low latency
  • Pay only for the storage used versus the storage provisioned
  • Easy to deploy and use
  • No vendor lock-in
“Intel processors provide the foundation for many cloud computing services deployed on AWS. Using Lightbits on Amazon Storage Optimized EC2 instances fueled by Intel Xeon Scalable processors offer IT organizations a faster, more secure, and cost-effective cloud storage platform to accelerate innovation. Enterprise IT organizations require solutions to operate in a hybrid, multi-cloud environment so we are excited to be working with Lightbits to extend their solution portfolio to the AWS Marketplace.”
Niv Zilberman
Vice President and General Manager, Datacenter & AI Business Innovation Office, Intel

Lightbits with Intel Technologies Accelerate Edge Cloud Services

Lightbits software-defined storage running on Intel high-performance technologies enable fast, more secure, multi-tenant edge cloud services for Zenlayer that are easier to manage and more cost-efficient.

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Build Your Cloud on Lightbits with Intel Technologies