Lightbits on Microsoft Azure

Blazing fast performance. Consistent ultra-low latency. Feature-rich and resilient. Plugs directly into Azure Virtual Machines.


Lightbits on Azure

Lightbits Cloud Data Platform provides scalable and cost-efficient high-performance storage that is easy to consume on Azure. It removes the bottlenecks associated with native storage on the public cloud, such as scalable performance and consistently low latency while at the same time offering rich data services and resiliency that enterprises have come to rely on.

Lightbits disaggregated, software-defined storage allows you to run storage-intensive workloads such as SQL and NoSQL databases on Azure in a secure environment with higher performance, better cost-efficiency, and comprehensive data services (including snapshots) that native cloud storage solutions can’t deliver. If poor cloud native storage performance limits you from migrating your high-performance databases to Azure, try Lightbits which removes all the constraints and offers you a better cloud experience.

Lower and Predictable Costs.

Migrate latency-sensitive apps that couldn’t previously run on Azure due to storage bottlenecks and pay only for the Azure storage optimized virtual machines you deploy. Provision as many volumes or snapshots to any number of virtual machines with no additional cost.


Lightbits on Azure comes with built-in enterprise features: snapshots, clones, QoS, compression and thin provisioning. Spans multiple Availability Zones and plugs directly into Azure Virtual Machines.

High-Performance Multi-Tenant Storage.

With NVMe/TCP shared storage you can provision high-performance, persistent volumes to your application, protecting data from failures and enabling dynamic, independent scaling of compute and storage. A single Lightbits cluster can service multiple heterogeneous app environments.

The Lightbits Advantage

Enterprise Features

Attach NVMe/TCP high-performance volumes to any virtual machine series and enjoy the benefits of enterprise features such as fast thin provisioning, snapshots, clones, dynamic volume resize, QoS, compression, and thin provisioning.

High Performance

Lightbits running on Azure Lsv3-Series storage-optimized virtual machines is faster than native public cloud storage. Solves common storage bottlenecks with low and consistent latency and unmatched performance.

Data Protection & High Availability

Your data is protected using synchronous 3-way replication within the same Availability Zone (LRS) or across Availability Zones (ZRS). In case of failures, your applications will still have access to the data and Lightbits self-healing capabilities will automatically recreate new replicas. All services are highly available and operational during failures.

Ease of Use

Deploy Lightbits on Azure in minutes and manage your data in the cloud the same it’s managed on-premises. Easily provision and attach your volumes to any Virtual Machine using API-driven architecture.


Dynamically scale-out or scale-down your storage cluster on-demand. Save on capacity with built-in compression and thin provisioning. The capacity savings go directly to you.

Hybrid Cloud

Port your per-server licenses between your on-premises storage servers and Azure storage optimized virtual machines as you need. Migrate your workload to the Cloud at your pace and on your terms.
Public Cloud Storage Lightbits Lightbits Advantage
Pay for each volume
you provision and
snapshot you create
Pay for the storage
optimized virtual
machines you deploy
Cost efficiency,
provision volumes and
snapshots with no additional cost
Up to 160K IOPS/volume and up to 120K IOPs per VM using top tier storage
1M IOPS/volume, 3M+ IOPS per VM, consistent low latency
Meet application performance demands
Snapshots & Clones
No (top tier storage) Yes (low performance storage)
Instant protection and recovery
Compression & Fast Thin Provisioning
Capacity Efficiency
Cloud and On-Premise

Use Case

High-Performance Storage for AVS − Azure VMware Solution

Want to run storage-intensive workloads on AVS? Now you can. 

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