Lightbits Honored as Red Herring Top 100 Winner

And Named among CRN’s Top 40 Software Defined Storage Vendors

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Emulating Hyperscale Infrastructure

Lessons from Facebook, Google, and Salesforce

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Assure Data Availability at Scale

Protect against data loss and avoid service interruption

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Separation without drama

Split storage and compute over standard networks
Provides Hyperscale storage experience to private clouds

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Lightbits delivers the availability, flexibility, and efficiency of hyperscale cloud infrastructure to on-premise cloud data centers.

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Hyperscale storage experience to private cloud

Lightbits NVMe™/TCP solutions disaggregate compute and storage to provide private clouds and data centers the performance of local SSDs with the hyper-scalability of public clouds.

  • 10X Higher Reliability
  • 50% Increased Savings
  • 35% Improved Efficiency

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“Lightbits’ LightOS software defined storage solution running on standard servers is at least 33% lower latency at 1/2 the cost of proprietary AFAs.”

 Dan Pollak, CTO Data Storage Science

“On standard server-hardware, Lightbits out-performs the most expensive flash-array solutions we have in our infrastructure at a fraction of the cost while providing a delivery mechanism that provides universal access to our entire server-fleet with no compromises.”

Fortune 500 SaaS cloud service provider

“Lightbits is revolutionizing NVMe-oF by delivering low latency, high performance NVMe storage over standard TCP networks that accelerate data intensive and latency sensitive workloads such as Cassandra, MySQL. As software defined storage, it provides the agility needed for modern, cloud native infrastructure.”

Kenneth Lam, General Manager, Futong Technologies

“With Lightbits technology, Packet can provide network attached NVMe devices with ‘as good or better’ performance characteristics as local NVMe. Doing this over our existing Ethernet-based network with standard 10/25G network cards is a game changer versus other solutions in the market.”

Zachary Smith | Co-Founder & CEO at Packet, an Equinix company

“LightOS providing NVMe/TCP is a technology breakthrough by Lightbits that simplifies data centre infrastructure with support for container based applications while delivering high IOPs, throughput and low latency in TCP networking environments. ”

Junhong Li , Product and Technology Division, Director, Yanrong Technology Co., Ltd.

“NVMe over Fabrics enables the disaggregation of compute and storage on a common network. Lightbits’ innovative NVMe Fabrics over TCP solution enables entire data centers to achieve direct-attached SSD performance on standard networks. The Lightbits approach is a breakthrough in simplifying SSD storage deployment for developers and administrators.”

Mike Shapiro, co-founder DSSD | co-author of NVMe over Fabrics

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