The Complete Data Platform for Any Cloud

Bring more flexibility, performance, and efficiency to your cloud data operations. With Lightbits, you can reduce costs for your most challenging analytical and transactional database workloads while giving your users a better application experience.

Build an AI Cloud for Extreme Power at Scale

Give your AI Cloud a data platform that effortlessly and economically scales performance as your datasets grow and your learning models become more advanced.

Migrate Demanding Databases to the Cloud with Confidence

Reduce the risk of performance bottlenecks and gain more predictable low costs when you move storage-intensive applications to the cloud.

Architect a Hybrid Cloud for Cloud-native Success

Ensure your cloud-native applications can keep pace with unpredictable user demand on a data platform that offers your private or hybrid cloud predictable infrastructure costs.

Launch a Cloud Service for Client Satisfaction

Bring your expertise to market with a cloud platform that ensures low, predictable operating costs and scales smoothly as your client list takes off.

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One-of-a-Kind Cloud Scale
Data Platform

Lightbits unique block-based, software-only and NVMe/TCP architecture combined with Intelligent Flash Management and Enterprise-Rich Data Services makes it the only Complete Data Platform that’s simple and easy to consume, highly scalable, and cost-efficient.


  • Increase ROI
  • Reduce data center footprint and power efficiency while improving storage performance
  • Reduce TCO with a disaggregated architecture
  • Increase the endurance and maximize the utility of SSDs


  • API-driven, composable, software-defined data platform
  • Leverage standard infrastructure
  • Enterprise data services and high availability
  • Standardize storage for your hybrid cloud
  • Utilize existing WAN networks. No special network configurations.


  • Scale up or scale out dynamically
  • Deploy on any cloud—private, edge and public
  • Run on any environment—bare metal, VMware or Kubernetes
  • Runs on any hardware—you tailor the configuration to your exact needs
  • Supports multiple application environments

Complete Data Platform for Any Cloud

Complete Data
Platform for AWS

Lightbits offers the best value for enterprise organizations who want to right-size their block storage on AWS while boosting performance and operating IO-intensive database and analytics applications.



Complete Data
Platform for

Lightbits on Azure comes with built-in enterprise features customers desire and plugs directly into Azure Virtual Machines. The high-performance shared storage cluster offers users consistent low latency and gives you the ability to provision persistent volumes to your application, protecting your data from failures while enabling independent scaling of compute and storage.  

Complete Data
Platform for

With Lightbits you can rehost your Oracle workloads on AWS cost-efficiently and with the same high performance that you are used to on-premises for a better Oracle experience on the cloud.  

Complete Data
Platform for

Lightbits for OpenStack clusters offers cloud-native, high-performance, scale-out, and highly available NVMe/TCP storage. Lightbits supports open cloud environments by ensuring interoperability with and availability through all OpenStack future releases.

Complete Data
Platform for

Lightbits persistent storage for Kubernetes, via the Container Storage Interface (CSI), extends the efficiency of containers to NVMe flash while maintaining performance, flexibility, and application portability.

Complete Data
Platform for VMware

Lightbits for VMware provides seamless integration via the vCenter plugin allowing applications and workloads to consume a high-performance feature-rich NVMe storage for virtual machines.

Customer Stories

X-Cellent TechnologiesI can absolutely recommend using Lightbits over Ceph, much simpler, way faster, a perfect match for Kubernetes and container workloads.
Stefan Majer, CTO, x-cellent technologies GmbH
Lightbits software-defined storage solution running on standard servers is at least 33% lower latency at ½ the cost of proprietary AFAs.
Dan Pollak, CTO, Data Storage Service
For years, NVMe/TCP has offered the promise of improved performance, increased deployment flexibility, and better cost efficiency through ‘hyperscale-style’ disaggregation of storage and compute, so we’re excited to see Lightbits, VMware, and Intel collaborating to bring this capability to our customers.
Zac Smith, Managing Director, Equinix Metal
Lightbits is purpose-built for cloud-native, high-performance database applications. Our customers in financial services, gaming, and manufacturing industries see immediate business value in how Lightbits can speed time to market by provisioning storage services and cloud-based applications faster, in a secure and multi-tenant environment, while also lowering their TCO,
Alexey Stolyar, Development Director, ICC

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Performance Architect at Lightbits

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WW Architect Lead for Storage Solutions at AWS
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