The Ultra-High Capacity, High Performance
SSD Storage Appliance

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) require speed, capacity, and reliability to access massive amounts of data at low latency and guarantee optimal user experiences.

Lightbits SuperSSD, the industry’s first scalable Ethernet-attached SSD solution, makes storage transparent to ensure efficient storage utilization with high reliability, performance, and wire-speed access to very large datasets.

SuperSSD, virtualizes and manages a large pool of NVMe SSDs as a plug-and-play appliance, to provide simplicity, performance, fault tolerance and cost efficiencies.

Deployed using existing network and compute infrastructures, the install is seamless, allowing data scientists to easily scale their storage reach and performance when and where they need it.

SuperSSD Key Benefits

Plug and Play

  • Compatible with Existing Infrastructure
  • Vanilla TCP/IP Network
  • Single Box Solution

High Performance & Scalable Capacity

  • High Performance
  • Low Latency with E2E NVMe
  • Usable Capacity up to 1PB in 2U
  • In-Field Upgradeable Capacity

Ultra Reliable

  • Resilient against SSD Failures
  • GlobalFTL Extends SSD Endurance

Unleash the benefits of efficient disaggregation

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