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Transform your Data Centers to Hyperscale-grade Infrastructure

Applications are becoming more data-driven, and to be effective they must process higher volumes of data at higher performance and low latency.

LightOS Software Defined Storage unlocks the potential of a disaggregated high-performance NVMe solution to maximize resource utilization and flexibility.

LightOS is the first NVMe/TCP clustered storage solution that protects against data loss and avoids service interruptions at scale. In the presence of server, storage, or network failures, LightOS maximizes operational efficiency, ensuring applications continue working in the presence of failures, and failover is handled automatically, keeping data fully consistent and available.

LightOS provides rich storage services like data reduction, thin provisioning for best utilization of SSD capacity, and Erasure Coding protection from SSD failures to ensure service and data availability.

Ease of deployment in hyperscale data centers

Lightbits allows flexible storage server implementations with no changes to application servers or network infrastructure with seamless integration of in-line storage services at 100Gbps performance.

Installed on standard servers in large scale data centers, LightOS is optimized for I/O intensive compute clusters, such as Cassandra, MySQL, FDB, MongoDB, and Time Series Databases. LightOS is also ideal for containerized environments such as Kubernetes and Mesos that require large scale clusters with persistent storage for rapid node migration, workload rebalancing, or recovery from failures without copying data over the network.

  • No touch in Application server software and Network infrastructure
  • Ideal for containerized environments
  • Built for I/O intensive compute clusters
  • Software defined solution that runs on customers’ servers

Composable storage infrastructure

LightOS Software Define Storage solution is designed for composable infrastructure architecture supporting quick deployment of IT resources for different services and workloads. The fluid composable environment allows optimized resources (compute, storage, and network) allocation for different applications and service levels to reduce CAPEX and improve availability. Multiple LightOS clusters can exist in the same cloud data center and can be easily aggregated and managed as one large cloud-scale block storage solution.

  • Allow smooth application migration across the data center
  • Fast failover recovery with persistent volumes
  • Highest availability with efficient load balancing of compute nodes
  • High utilization with on the fly provisioning of storage pools

Finally, efficient and scalable storage

Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) is dramatically reduced through the use of Thin Provisioning – purchase only what you need. Combining this with in-line data reduction further increases your Return on Investment (ROI) – reduce the amount of data you write, maximizing utilization, reducing wear and extending the endurance of standard SSDs.

LightOS Key Benefits

High Performance & Low Latency

  • Similar performance as direct-attached NVMe SSDs
  • Scalable architecture for millions of IOPS
  • Consistently low read average and up to a 50% reduction in tail latency
  • High bandwidth to SSDs via data striping


  • Independent scaling of storage from compute
  • Auto capacity scale
  • Optimized for I/O intensive applications (MySQL, Cassandra, TSDB)

High Availability

  • Distributed and durable cluster management with fast failover handling
  • No single point of failure in data and control paths
  • Data replications on storage target side provides transparency to the client with quick failover
  • Availability Zone Aware

Operational Efficiency & Low Cost

  • Easy to Deploy with standard NVMe/TCP
  • Requires no changes to application servers or your network infrastructure
  • Thin provisioning for best utilization
  • QoS SLA per volume (avoiding noisy neighbor)

Unleash the benefits of efficient disaggregation

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