High performance Software Defined Storage optimized for large-scale cloud

Lightbits Software Defined Storage (SDS) solution is the first target-side NVMe/TCP storage solution that turns any commodity server into a high-performance and efficient storage system without requiring changes to the network or the application clients and also offers an innovative hardware accelerated option.

Composable storage for simple deployment

High performance disaggregation of storage from compute

Extend SSD lifetime with advanced Flash Management

Persistent Storage for fast container load-balancing

Optional hardware accelerated data services

Software defined storage running on standard hardware

Lightbits Products Highlights

Lightbits’ Storage solutions unlock the potential of the growing demand for high-performance data analytics at large-scale data centers. The solutions enable data centers to move from inefficient direct-attached SSDs to a shared model in which compute and storage are scaled independently to maximize resource utilization without compromising on performance.

LightOS® Software Defined Storage

The LightOS solution is an easy to deploy software-based storage solution that provides equivalent to NVMe SSD DAS flash performance from a remote pool of NVMe SSDs over a standard NVMe/TCP network. The LightOS software stack runs on commodity server infrastructure for simplicity and manageability, cloud scalability, and breakthrough economics.

  • LightOS is optimized for I/O intensive compute clusters, such as Cassandra, MySQL, FDB, MongoDB, and Time Series Databases (TSDB). It delivers high performance and consistently low latency on a standard TCP network using NVMe over Fabrics – TCP (NVMe/TCP) , while improving application service quality.
  • LightOS is ideal for Highly Available, containerized environments such as Kubernetes and Mesos that utilize persistent storage with rapid node migration, fast workload rebalancing, and fast failure recovery by avoiding data copy over the network.

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LightField™ Storage Acceleration Card

The LightField™ acceleration card is a patent pending programmable data services acceleration engine that Integrates seamlessly with the LightOS® software stack, which is standard Linux OS with Lightbits storage defined modules.

LightField is a PCIe Gen3 edge card that uses a highly efficient inline data-path design that maximizes overall system throughput and efficiency by ensuring that data is not copied twice over the PCIe bus or host DDR memory.

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Lightbits SuperSSD™ Storage Solution

Lightbits SuperSSD™ is a plug-and-play appliance that combines simplicity and versatility in one.

SuperSSD is designed to support fast and massive parallel access to data via NVMe/TCP. It  can be easily added to an existing rack and infrastructure and only takes minutes to deploy and add storage from 10s of TB’s to PBs.

Composable, high performance,  high capacity and resilient storage has never been any easier to deploy.

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