Supporting and Enabling Modern Applications with LightOS

Featuring Josh Goldenhar, VP of Product Marketing, Lightbits Labs.

Supporting and Enabling Modern Applications

Hyperscale Storage for All

Modern application environments have been transformed thanks to containers, Kubernetes, and low-code solutions.

In the webinar, you’ll learn:

  • How LightOS provides persistent storage and performs like NVMe
  • How LightOS + Kubernetes provides independent scaling of compute and storage resources
  • How to get the performance of local flash with standard servers, NICs, and NVMe drives
  • How to easily use LightOS with your applications
  • How companies are using NVMe/TCP to replace Fibre Channel, or SAN

Listen for a discussion about cloud management and storage best practices. You’ll learn why software-defined NVMe/TCP storage is the best option to minimize latency.

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