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Persistent Storage for your Containerized Workloads with Lightbits

Despite the date of posting, this is not an April 1st spoof. I repeat, this post is not an April 1st spoof. Now that we got that out of the way…

With the constant growth of data in the forever available data center, one of the critical challenges is to make applications and services running at scale migrate around the data center so that services remain available. Running applications in containers addresses these requirements as containers can be quickly spun up anywhere and terminated with minimal overhead.

To see how LightOS works with a containerized environment, you should check out this video from  Kam Eshghi, Lightbits Vice-President of Strategy and Business Development.

This video demonstrates how fast container migration is achieved in a Kubernetes cluster with the Cassandra containers connected to LightOS based persistent volumes via the LightOS Container Storage Interface (CSI). It also shows the performance and low latency possible when disaggregating NVMe SSDs from containerized Cassandra nodes to LightOS.

Our benchmarking results prove that LightOS delivers the same transactional performance as directly attached NVMe SSDs but with better I/O tail latency to applications.

After viewing our short demo, you can read our CSI white paper to get more details and learn about the technologies behind the LightOS integration with container orchestrators (CO).  As container ecosystems mature, constraints on the implementation of containerized applications keep falling away. Finalization of the industry standard known as the Container Storage Interface (CSI) is a recent improvement that paves the way for deployment of storage system-agnostic applications for leveraging stateful containers.

If you are familiar with CO systems, this white paper gives a deep dive understanding of the mechanisms that make stateful container implementations possible.  It provides an overview of the CSI specification and CSI-compliant persistent storage plugin model, plugin API, and implementation details. The document also includes the specifics of integration with Kubernetes, a leading container orchestration system. Implementation choices are exemplified using a CSI storage plugin that allows deploying high-performance stateful applications using a disaggregated storage solution such as that from Lightbits.

The Lightbits Labs™ CSI plugin works with the LightOS® NVMe/TCP based Software Defined Storage (SDS) solution. LightOS is ideal for containerized environments such as Kubernetes that require clusters with persistent storage for rapid node migration, workload rebalancing, or recovery from failures without copying data over the network.

LightOS unlocks the potential of a disaggregated high-performance NVMe solution to maximize resource utilization and flexibility and enables data centers to move from an inefficient direct-attached SSD model to a shared model with independently scaled compute and storage.

DevOps professionals, storage architects, network and storage administrators, and solutions architects who are familiar with COs will find great value in this white paper’s information. The topics include:

* A detailed discussion of the CSI specification for container storage management
* The challenges in persistent volume handling in CO environments as well as ways of addressing them in CSI-compliant storage plugins
* CSI plugin packaging and deployment models
* Runtime persistent volume instantiation and attachment flows
* Recommended practices for CSI plugin implementation that were leveraged in the LightOS CSI plugin

We look forward to hearing from you about what you thought of our Kubernetes/LightOS demo and accompanying white paper.  Lightbits is leading the way with our simple, efficient NVMe/TCP based LightOS Software Defined Storage solution. Combining the power of LightOS with the standards-based CSI plugin interface just makes sense. Remove the drama required to create stateful containers with LightOS NVMe/TCP!

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