Separation without drama

Split storage and compute over standard networks
Provides Hyperscale storage experience to private clouds

Lightbits Expands Scale Out Disaggregated Storage Capabilities for Private, Hybrid, and Edge Deployment

Industry’s Only Software-Defined NVMe/TCP High Performance Storage Solution Scales Infrastructure and Reduces Cost

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Lightbits Labs uses Intel® Optane™ Technology to Optimize Disaggregated Storage

Lightbits Labs is partnering with Intel to optimize LightOS for Intel® Optane™

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Micron and Lightbits Labs

Webinar: Scalable High Performance Storage For NoSQL Databases

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Storage Trailblazers Award 2020
Storage Trailblazers Award Winners 2020

Lightbits Labs is a Storage Trailblazers Award 2020 Runner Up

Storage Trailblazers Award

Scale-Out Disaggregated Storage

Software-defined NVMe/TCP storage that
performs like local flash

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