Lightbits Labs, VMware, and Intel to co-present Cloud and Data Center Solutions with NVMe®/TCP at VMworld 2021

Session focuses on cloud everywhere transformation using NVMe®/TCP operating models.

VMworld, September 30, 2021Lightbits Labs™, a leader in NVMe®-optimized, scalable and software-defined elastic block storage for private and edge clouds, today announced that they will jointly present a virtual breakout session, “Cloud Everywhere Transformation: NVMe®/TCP Operating Models on Data Center and Cloud,” at VMworld 2021 with Intel® and VMware®. The session will reveal how Intel, VMware, and Lightbits help their customers deploy simple, efficient NVMe®/TCP-based infrastructure services. To register or learn more about the session,  click here.

Sadhanshu Jain, Director of Product Management, VMware
Vivek Sarathy, Director of Product Management, Intel Corporation
Kam Eshghi, Chief Strategy Officer, Lightbits Labs

VMworld Multi-Cloud Track
Cloud Everywhere Transformation:
NVMe®/TCP Operating Models on Data Center & Cloud [MCL2846S]

Achieve the next generation of infrastructure innovations for cloud-native apps by the likes of hyperscale CSPs for cloud and enterprise data centers. A cloud-native solution with NVMe® over Fabrics (NVMe-oF™) over TCP has picked up substantial investment from vendors and is gaining strong adoption among data center customers. The value proposition is clear: High performance, low latency, scalability, and efficiency. With standard NVMe-oF™ over TCP, customers can deploy high-performance compute, network and storage without the hurdles of nonstandard practices or custom hardware, or changes to network infrastructure. Learn how Intel and VMware help their customers deploy simple, efficient NVMe®/TCP-based infrastructure services. Hear from customers on why and how they choose to deploy an NVMe®/TCP-based solution for cloud-native apps.

WHEN: VMworld 2021, October 5-7, 2021

WHERE: VMWorld Session Information Link

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Lightbits Labs is leading the digital data center transformation in the enterprise by delivering scalable and efficient cloud-optimized, software-defined elastic block storage (EBS) on-premises that is easy to consume. Pioneers of the NVMe® over TCP (NVMe®/TCP) protocol, making low latency application access available to enterprise IT organizations supporting high-performance databases, big data analytics, and web-scale environments using either virtual or container-based architectures. Lightbits LightOS storage is designed to maximize the utility of NVMe®, for IT organizations who want simplicity, performance, and flexibility for their Private and Edge clouds.

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