Award-Winning Lightbits Labs Reflects on 2019 Achievements, Gears Up for Significant Market Adoption of NVMe/TCP in 2020

San Jose, Calif., January 24, 2020Lightbits Labs, the leader in NVMe™ over TCP (NVMe/TCP) software-defined disaggregated storage, closed out 2019 with corporate growth, an expanding partner portfolio and strong customer traction. Combined with multiple award wins, Lightbits Labs is well positioned for the expected growth of NVMe/TCP storage solutions in 2020.

Among the Lightbits 2019 milestones are the following accomplishments:

Technology Advances:

• During its stealth mode exit in March, Lightbits rolled out LightOS software and the LightField storage acceleration card, providing a high-performance, end-to-end disaggregation solution that can scale without requiring any changes to clients or network infrastructure. The result is that cloud infrastructures can now achieve optimal scale at the lowest total cost of ownership (TCO).

• In April, Lightbits introduced SuperSSD, the industry’s first scalable, Ethernet-attached SSD solution that specifically addresses the data storage speed, capacity and reliability needs of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) training systems. It is already in use by some of the world’s leading AI companies. SuperSSD makes storage transparent, so applications like high-speed databases, high performance analytics and customer engagement applications can deliver optimal user experiences.

• In December, the company announced it had advanced LightOS by delivering the industry’s first NVMe/TCP high availability scale-out clustering solution. LightOS is now the first NVMe/TCP storage solution that protects against data loss and avoids service interruptions at scale. In the presence of server, storage, or network failures, LightOS maximizes operational efficiency. It ensures applications continue working in the presence of failures, failover is handled automatically, and data is kept fully consistent and available.

Market Adoption:
Customer and Partner Growth:

• In less than 9 months, the Lightbits team has conducted more than 35 proof of concept projects, including multiple paid production trials and license renewals. LightOS is currently being tested/used in some of the world’s leading web-scalers, financial services companies, and service providers.

• Since its formal roll-out, Lightbits has announced partnerships with industry leading companies including Broadcom, Celestica, Dell, Groupware Technology, Hewlett Packard Enterprise, International Computer Concepts, Intel, Micron, Packet, Supermicro, VMware, and XILINX.

• Customer Benefits Statements:

• SaaS customer: “On standard server-hardware, Lightbits out-performs the most expensive flash-array solutions we have in our infrastructure at a fraction of the cost.”

• Financial Services customer: “We have chosen NVMe/TCP for our cloud… Lightbits is the only vendor who was able to get a storage solution to work in our environment, integrating with OpenStack and k8s.”

• IaaS customer: “With Lightbits technology, we can provide network-attached NVMe devices with as good or better performance as local NVMe. Doing this over our standard 10/25G Ethernet network is a game changer.”

Awards & Industry Recognition:

• At the SDC Awards in November in London, Lightbits was awarded two prestigious awards: Storage Company of the Year and Hardware Innovation of the Year. Lightbits received the nod for storage company of the year for its software-defined storage (SDS) solution that brings hyperscale efficiency to on-premise cloud infrastructure with low-latency composable storage. Lightbits’ SuperSSD NVMe/TCP Storage Server, the World’s First Ultra-High Capacity, High Performance SSD Storage Appliance solution was selected as the most innovative hardware solution.

• Executives from Lightbits Labs were featured speakers discussing the state of NVMe™/TCP during multiple sessions at the Flash Memory Summit 2019 (FMS) in Santa Clara in August, and on “Disaggregation without Drama,” at Cisco Live 2019 in San Diego in June. At VMworld, Lightbits demonstrated “Disaggregated Hyperconverged Infrastructure” with its LightOS solution working with VMware vSAN to independently scale storage and compute to maximize efficiency and flexibility.

“Lightbits is in the right place at the right time,” says CEO Eran Kirzner. “The momentum for disaggregated storage and compute is unbelievable, and we’ve got the team, the technology and the customer experience to address that need head-on.”

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