Intel invests in Israeli co Lightbit Labs

The storage solutions for data centers company was cofounded by Israeli serial entrepreneur Avigdor Willenz.

Intel Corp. and Israeli startup Lightbits Labs today announced an agreement to speed up development of disaggregated storage solutions for data center operators. This strategic partnership includes technical co-engineering, go-to-market collaboration and an Intel Capital investment in Lightbits Labs. The size of the investment was not disclosed but sources believe it is between $10 and $20 million.Lightbit Labs was founded by chairman Avigdor Willenz and CEO Eran Kirzner. Willenz is a serial entrepreneur who founded Habana Labs which was sold to Intel last year for $2 billion as well as Galileo sold to Marvel in 2001 for $2.7 billion and Annapurna Labs sold to ASmazon in 2015 for $360 million.

Kirzner said, “Intel is an industry leader with deep expertise in data center technologies, cutting-edge products, global sales prowess and an impressive ecosystem. We are excited to partner with Intel Corporation, and our joint solutions will set the bar for generating new ROI metrics for enterprise and cloud customers.”

Lightbits’ LightOS product delivers high-performance shared storage across servers while providing high availability and read-and-write management designed to maximize the value of flash-based storage. LightOS, while being fully optimized for Intel® hardware, provides customers with vastly improved storage efficiency and reduces underutilization while maintaining compatibility with existing infrastructure without compromising performance and simplicity.

Lightbits Labs has demonstrated LightOS NVMe over Fabrics TCP (NVMe-oF/TCP) storage with remote direct memory access-class performance when accelerated with the Intel Ethernet 800 Series Network Adapter with ADQ technology.

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