Intel Collaborates with Lightbits Labs

Intel and Lightbits Labs announced an agreement to propel development of disaggregated storage solutions to solve the challenges of today’s data center operators.

Intel agreed with Lightbits Labs to solve the challenges of today’s data center operators due to stranded disk capacity and performance. This strategic partnership includes technical co-engineering, go-to-market collaboration and an Intel Capital investment in Lightbits Labs. Lightbits’ LightOS product delivers high-performance shared storage across servers while providing high availability and read-and-write management designed to maximize the value of flash-based storage.

LightOS for Intel technologies

Lightbits Labs will enhance its composable disaggregated software-defined storage solution, LightOS, for Intel technologies. LightOS is an optimized software and hardware solution. The system will utilize Intel Optane persistent memory and Intel 3D NAND SSDs based on Intel QLC Technology, Intel Xeon Scalable processors with built-in artificial intelligence (AI) acceleration capabilities and Intel Ethernet 800 Series Network Adapters with Application Device Queues (ADQ) technology.

Eran Kirzner, Lightbits Labs CEO and co-founder, said,

“Intel is an industry leader with deep expertise in data center technologies, cutting-edge products, global sales prowess and an impressive ecosystem. We are excited to partner with Intel Corporation, and our joint solutions will set the bar for generating new ROI metrics for enterprise and cloud customers.”

In addition to the technical collaboration between the two companies, Lightbits and Intel will provide complete solutions to customers and develop the ecosystem to drive the broad adoption of these innovations.

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