Unlock More Performance for MongoDB on AWS

Is the cloud delivering the performance you need for MongoDB?

Join experts from Lightbits Labs for an informative webinar to understand the results of testing MongoDB performance on AWS with two storage options: Lightbits and the EBS io2bx. Understand, why choosing the right storage for your MongoDB databases is critical for both performance and for significantly reducing the cost of running databases in the cloud.

Enterprises have turned to MongoDB and other NoSQL databases for their strength in analyzing data and their flexibility for rapidly growing and evolving data sets. They’re a perfect fit for cloud apps, from eCommerce to edge data to social networks. But if your cloud performance doesn’t keep up with your database growth, you’re at risk of overloading your app and overrunning your cloud budget.

Attend this webinar and learn:

  • How to pinpoint the bottlenecks behind your performance issues

  • How software-defined storage can boost compute performance in public cloud

  • How to control public cloud costs as your database scales

  • How to make your cloud environment more resilient with enterprise data services

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Sagy Volkov

Sagy Volkov

Distinguished Performance Architect,
Lightbits Labs
Janet Lafleur, Director of Product Marketing, Lightbits Labs

Janet Lafleur

Director of Product Marketing,
 Lightbits Labs
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