An excerpt of this blog is republished courtesy of Amy Colyer, cloud storage advocate at Microsoft, which first appeared on Microsoft’s ITOps Talk Blog on February 8, 2024.

As users of Azure VMware Solution, we most likely will come across a time where we need to add storage and not necessarily need more compute from an additional host.  Lightbits is another option in the Azure Marketplace to add storage that will scale and run storage intensive apps.

What is Lightbits?

Lightbits is storage using NVMe/TCP meaning you deploy an L series cluster of VMs and use that storage to present to your application or in our case Azure VMware Solution (AVS).  It’s certified for VMware vSphere so you can use it with AVS. The storage responds in less than 500 microseconds on average. Each volume can perform up to 1 million IOPS, regardless of its allocated size. Meaning that the Lightbits storage cluster scales to millions of IOPS at low consistent latency.

Below is the overall architecture for how it works.

Lightbits for AVS architecture


What it offers

Lightbits fully integrates with AVS as a managed application, meaning you don’t have to maintain the cluster.  You can have it set to auto-scale, it will automatically remediate any issues.  You can deploy the cluster in a single zone or in multi-zone for availability zone redundancy.

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