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Flip the Switch and Run Your Oracle Workloads on AWS with Lightbits

Tech Paper: Running Oracle Workloads with Lightbits on AWS

If you have a cloud-first strategy and are supporting an Oracle database that you want to migrate to the cloud, then this paper is a must read. Because while the “where we use Oracle” is changing from on-premise to cloud, the how we use Oracle or what applications/projects use the Oracle database has not.

Supporting Oracle workloads requires a certain level of high-performance and low latency storage. For example, if you’re doing 100k tps in an on-premise environment, then you would require the same performance on the cloud. But using cloud native storage solutions to achieve that high level of performance might be a challenge on a flat to shrinking IT budget.

With Lightbits, you can flip the switch and migrate your Oracle workloads to the cloud, because Lightbits delivers the best cost/performance capabilities on the cloud, when compared to native cloud block storage solutions.

This paper demonstrates the high-performance capabilities and advantages of the Lightbits Cloud Data Platform running Oracle workloads on storage-optimized EC2 instances on Amazon Web Services (AWS). It will illustrate how you can achieve the same levels of performance on AWS for Oracle workloads that you are used to with your on-premises SAN.

Running Oracle on AWS with Lightbits

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