Infrastructure needs to be able to support the largest amount of storage and the highest performance demands that could be required.

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Transforming How Data is Delivered: Using Lightbits and Intel Technology to Supercharge Your Data Storage Performance


Cloud as an operational model, along with Kubernetes for managing cloud native applications, are transforming the way insight is gained from data.

The need for systems designed to support cloud-native environments requires the choice of compute, networking, and highly scalable disaggregated storage and performance without the need for traditional administration.

While Kubernetes provides mechanisms for applications to transparently utilize multiple compute nodes, ensuring that applications retain access to persistent storage demands that the underlying storage infrastructure is resilient while also meeting the capacity and performance needs of thousands of applications.

In this webinar, we will compare two storage systems suited for cloud native application environments:

  • Lightbits: A software defined NVMe over TCP storage system designed for cloud environments using Intel technology
  • Ceph: An open-source storage platform often used by cloud native developers

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Presenters and Speakers

Sagy Volkov

Lightbits Labs
Distinguished Performance Architect

Sagy Volkov was the performance architect of red hat's Openshift Container Storage, before that leading ScaleIO's (now PowerFlex) performance engineer and advocate group and also the architect of the ScaleIO storage appliance, before that at Greenplum (query performance and appliance architect) and other startups before. Now with Lightbits Labs as a distinguished performance architect concentrating on Lightbits storage cluster performance and application performance that uses Lightbits storage.

Justin Kelley

Justin Kelley

Intel Corporation
Technical Marketing Engineer - Data Platform Group, Disaggregated Storage

Intel’s mission is to shape the future of technology to help create a better future for the entire world. By pushing forward in fields like AI, analytics, and cloud-to-edge technology, Intel’s work is at the heart of countless innovations.

Russ Fellows

Evaluator Group
Senior Partner

Russ Fellows is a senior partner at Evaluator Group. He's responsible for leading research and analysis of product and market trends for network-attached storage (NAS) and storage security. He's also the primary analyst for coverage of selected open systems storage area network (SAN) and virtualization products. Russ also participates in developing and maintaining course content for the Evaluator Series Advanced Education for Storage Professionals™ classes.