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Get Unmatched Performance on Oracle DBs on AWS Storage via SLOB

More organizations are moving their tier-1 applications, like Oracle databases, from on-premises data centers to the cloud. Those who can’t make the jump effectively are risking their competitive advantage.

While the hyperscalers have provided almost everything that is needed to run or migrate your on-premises Oracle database to the cloud, they all lack basic SAN capabilities like rich enterprise data services, ease of use, high performance, low latency, and centralized management of the storage–complicating the choice. But what if you could have both?

Sagy Volkov, distinguished performance architect at Lightbits, and Boni Bruno, WW lead architect for data analytics and storage solutions at AWS, team up to discuss:

  • How Lightbits delivers unmatched performance on AWS for Oracle workloads
  • How Lightbits dramatically simplifies storage management for Oracle on AWS
  • How you can grow your storage for Oracle and compute database instances independently
Sagy Volkov

Sagy Volkov

Distinguished Performance Architect, Lightbits Labs

Boni Bruno

Boni Bruno

Worldwide Architect Lead for Data Analytics & Storage Solutions at AWS