SDC2020: Improving NVMe/TCP Performance by Enhancing Software and Hardware

Presented at SDC2020. Since ratification, NVMe/TCP has proven to be a viable fabric for NVMe storage disaggregation. The combination of the high performance and low latency of NVMe with the scale and simplicity of TCP makes a great fit for large scale data center storage technology and common Ethernet network practices.

In this session, we will cover recent improvements to the NVMe/TCP Linux drivers as well as the adoption of Application Device Queues (ADQ) technology that results in even higher performance, lower latency and reduction in CPU utilization. In addition, we will cover a real-life example of the advantages of NVMe/TCP with ADQ implemented in LightOS v2.0, a scaleout SDS solution that offers high-availability, intelligent flash management and advanced data-services as well as industry leading performance.

Learning Objectives
Learn about the latest advancements in NVMe/TCP
Understand the design considerations
Performance measurements

Presented by
Sagi Grimberg, CTO, lightbits
Anil Vasudevan, Architect, Intel