Lightbits Case Study

Fortune 500 Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) Provider

Increases Storage Reliability by 10X While Reducing Spend by 35%



Scaling databases with highly scalable availability, efficient utilization, and simple operation



Software-defined storage that enables separation of storage and compute for best utilization



Direct-attached storage experience with disaggregation utilization benefit. Standard, simple, secure storage services on networks.

Doing More with Less

A large scale Software-as-Service (SaaS) provider was facing increasing demand for larger and more highly available databases. They needed a storage solution that achieves high performance, high availability, efficiency, scalability, and is easily managed, so that their services will always be available to provide the best user experience.

The SaaS provider turned to Lightbits™ LightOS®. Lightbits software-defined storage solution LightOS allows the SaaS provider to  scale their database clusters without limits anywhere across their data centers while minimizing the management effort and running different environments including bare-metal services, virtual machines, and containerized workloads.


Higher Reliability

Increased Savings

Higher Efficiency

“On standard server hardware, Lightbits out-performs the most expensive flash-array solutions we have in our infrastructure at a fraction of the cost while providing a delivery mechanism that provides universal access to our entire server-fleet with no compromises.”

Fortune 500 SaaS Provider

Unleash Hyperscale Disaggregation

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