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Accelerate Your Cloud-Native Applications with NVMe®/TCP for Virtualized Environments


About This Webinar

Accelerate Your Cloud-Native Applications with NVMe®/TCP for Virtualized Environments

The landscape of computing in the modern enterprise is changing rapidly. Cloud-native applications are more sophisticated and require faster performance and there’s more of them to support. Often these applications are deployed as virtual machines managed by vSphere with local NVMe® flash recommended for best performance when deployed on bare metal.

However, while a local flash implementation does deliver performance it comes with compromises in portability, and poor storage resource utilization. NVMe®/TCP offers a new way to support data-intensive cloud-native applications without compromise. It’s one means to solve the challenges of storage resource utilization, workload mobility, performance, and availability.

VMware recently announced native support for NVMe®/TCP in VMware ESXi7 Update 3 and currently Lightbits LightOS passed ESXi certification. Lightbits software with a wide range of high-performance Intel® technologies solves customer challenges for VMware® ESXi workloads delivering a powerful platform for cloud-native applications that solves inefficiencies with storage and resource utilization and offers high performance and availability in virtual environments.
By joining this webinar you will learn how NVMe®/TCP storage:

  • Simplifies architectures
  • Improves resource utilization
  • Accelerate application performance
  • Scales more efficiently

Murali Rajagopal

Murali Rajagopal
Director of Technology

Director of Technology at VMWare responsible for driving advanced technologies such as NVMe®, NVMe® Over Fabric in ESXi etc.. Responsible for architecture and design of Virtual Volumes (vVols) with NVMe® Over Fabrics. Responsible for JBOF Management Architecture design for disaggregated storage. Working with major design partners (Dell EMC, NetApp, Pure, HPE) in strategizing advanced technology solutions in areas of mutual interest to VMWare, Partners and Customers.

Peter Onufryk
Intel Fellow | IPG Chief Architect

Peter is an Intel Fellow in the Design Engineering Group at Intel. He has been active in NVMe® standardization as an NVMe® Board Member, NVMe® Management Workgroup Chair, and NVMe® Technical Workgroup Chair. Peter holds over 40 patents and has written several published articles and books. Before Intel, Peter was a Fellow in the Data Center Solutions business unit at Microchip responsible for storage product architecture. He was previously Director of Engineering at Integrated Device Technology (IDT) and a research staff member at AT&T Bell Labs. Peter earned a Ph.D. in Electrical and Computer Engineering from Rutgers University and an MSEE from Purdue University.

Sagi Grimberg

Sagi Grimberg
Co-Founder and CTO
Lightbits Labs

Sagi Grimberg is a co-founder and CTO at Lightbits Labs, a storage company developing next-gen hyper scale storage solutions. He has more than 10 years of experience in storage, networking and Remote Direct Memory Access (RDMA) technologies and distributed systems. Sagi is a co-maintainer of the Linux NVMe® subsystem and the lead author of the NVMe®/TCP standard. Prior to Lightbits Labs, Sagi Grimberg came from Mellanox Technologies (now owned by NVIDIA) where he served as the Storage Software manager. Sagi has written various technical papers, and made conference and meet up presentations on the innovative Lightbits NVMe®/TCP capabilities.

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