Micron and Lightbits Labs: Collaboration Driving Data Center Transformation

Recently, Micron’s Corporate VP and General Manager Jeremy Werner met up with Lightbits Labs’ CEO Eran Kirzner to discuss the benefits of combining high-performance flash with advanced software-defined storage solutions, like Lightbits LightOS and how Micron and Lightbits are working together to democratize flash and cloud-style scale-out storage.

Micron is an industry leader in advanced SSDs based on NVMe™ and memory products that modern applications require for consistent performance and low latency. Traditionally, SSDs are installed in individual application servers where they can offer maximum performance benefits, but this results in islands of performance and capacity that can be under-utilized resulting in lower data center efficiency. That’s where scalable, software-defined storage solutions, such as Lightbits Labs LightOS come to the rescue.

LightOS helps you realize the performance of NVMe with the efficiency and flexibility of sharable deployments without the need for expensive, specialized storage networks. LightOS software-defined storage offers the data services and performance demanded by modern cloud-native applications.

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