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Achieving predictability in cost and performance when migrating IO-sensitive workloads

Native cloud storage solutions don’t hold all the answers when it comes to moving your IO-sensitive workloads to the cloud. It’s not just about putting on a pair of wings Icarus-like and soaring upwards – what you need is the predictability of both cost and performance.

There can, after all, be no compromise on the high performance, low latency, and data services you have enjoyed with your on-premises systems. But what’s the best way to meet that goal?

Join Abel Gordon (Chief Systems Architect, Lightbits) and Sagy Volkov (Distinguished Performance Architect, Lightbits) as they discuss how to get high performance with predictable & low costs on AWS and Azure with The Register’s Tim Phillips.

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Sagy Volkov

Sagy Volkov

Distinguished Performance Architect, Lightbits Labs
Abel Gordon

Abel Gordon

Chief System Architect, Lightbits Labs