Building Data Storage for the Future



About This Webinar

Date: Tuesday, May 25th 10:00 am PT

Building Data Storage for the Future

Technologies have changed, operations have changed. Learn how to achieve the efficiencies of companies like AWS, Google, and Facebook without having to employ armies of engineers. You can enjoy cloud-ready infrastructure that is easy to adapt, scale, and manage at a significantly lower cost:

  • Speed up your analytics and database applications
  • Provide high speed, low-latency storage for Kubernetes
  • Use the same storage pool to support legacy applications and modern applications

Join our webinar and SoftNet and Lightbits will help you understand how your company can build for the future; leveraging modern technologies for cloud benefits, on-premise.

Josh Goldenhar
VP Product
Lightbits Labs

Josh Goldenhar, a technologist/generalist with a systems architecture and storage background enabling him to help solve the largest scaling issues. Josh is both a hardware and software guy and an expert in product management and product marketing.

Kush Hathi
President and Founder
SoftNet Solutions Inc

Kush Hathi is the CEO and Founder of SoftNet Solutions in 1994.

Kush, started his career early in technology at the age of 15 as a software developer and IT consultant for Computer Aided Trading Systems, Berkeley Investment Technology and SoftLine.

While completing his B.S. in Computer Science Kush recognized the opportunity to form SoftNet Solutions to help address the growing need for businesses to understand, deploy, and manage complex emerging technologies.

Kush has been on the forefront of SoftNet Solutions channel strategies with partners HPE, DellEMC, RedHat, Nvidia and served on the HPE Channel Executive Council for 5 years, he has achieved highest levels of technical accreditations across the SoftNet Partner ecosystem.

In 2014, Kush started a new division of SoftNet focused on Big Data and Data Science, under his leadership the company has solved complex data and storage challenges for some the world’s largest companies, in several industries including Government, Financial, Retail, High-Tech, and Healthcare organizations.

Kush is also a board member of HG Investments and Veraz Advisors.

With headquarter in Sunnyvale, CA, Kush prides himself in SoftNet Solutions’ ability to providing solutions globally and establishing long lasting business relationships with our customers and partners.

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