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The Tech Trailblazers Awards announces 2021 winners

Global awards platform for enterprise tech startups reveals 10th edition trailblazers.

London, UK – December 9th, 2021 – The Tech Trailblazers Awards announced the 2021 Tech Trailblazers at its inaugural virtual awards ceremony last night. Members of the high-profile judging panel joined the online celebration to reveal the newest cohort of winners across the 16 different categories and the regional awards.

As the first independent global awards program dedicated to the enterprise technology startup ecosystem, the Tech Trailblazers Awards recognizes and rewards leading startups, innovations, and individuals from around the globe.

The 2021 enterprise category winners are:

● Female CxO Trailblazer: Katherine Frost, ORO Planner, USA
● Male CxO Trailblazer: Antony Yousefian, Bx Technologies Limited, @BxEarth, UK
● Diversity Trailblazers: AppSec Phoenix, @appsecphoenix, UK
● Firestarter Trailblazers: LifeHash, @Lifehash_, USA
● Investment Trailblazers: Sapphire Ventures, @SapphireVC, USA

The 2021 technology category winners are:

● Artificial Intelligence Trailblazers: Deeplite, @Deepliteai, Canada
● Big Data Trailblazers: Era Software, @Era, USA
● Blockchain Trailblazers: EQIFI, @eqifi_finance, British Virgin Islands
● Cloud Trailblazers: Stacklet, Inc., @stackletio, USA
● Containers Trailblazers: Buoyant, @buoyantio, USA
● Developer Trailblazers: TENNER Limited, UK
● FinTech Trailblazers: Propine, @PropineGlobal, Singapore
● IoT Trailblazers: FloodFlash, @FloodFlashIns, UK
● Networking Trailblazers: Prosimo, @Prosimo_io, USA
● Security Trailblazers: Salt Security, @SaltSecurity, USA
● Storage Trailblazers: Lightbits Labs, @lightbitslabs, USA

The 2021 Regional Cup winners are:

● Hopper Cup (for The Americas): Beyond Identity, @beyondidentity, USA
● Kesavan Cup (for Asia Pacific): Propine, @PropineGlobal, Singapore
● Turing Cup (for EMEA): TENNER Limited, UK

Rose Ross, Chief Trailblazer and Founder of The Tech Trailblazers Awards said; “Congratulations to our 2021 Tech Trailblazers! Our 10th edition has been the most popular year for entries yet, so your place in the Tech Trailblazers hall of fame has been well and truly earned! We’ll be keeping an eye on how these innovations continue to blaze a trail in 2022, and I eagerly await the #TechOnFire winners podcast discussions soon!”

Shortlists for each category are chosen by the panel of leading IT industry experts, and winners are identified by a combination of judging panel opinions and a public vote. Winners of the regional Hopper (Americas), Kesavan (Asia Pacific), and Turing (EMEA) awards have been determined by the highest number of public votes in each region.

Key dates for your diary: Entries for the 2022 Tech Trailblazers Awards will open in Summer 2022.

For more information, visit, follow @techtrailblaze, or listen to the #OnFire podcasts.


Notes to editors
Founded in 2012, the Tech Trailblazers Awards is the only independent awards program dedicated to enterprise technology startups, helping identify the most innovative companies, concepts and individuals in a range of categories. Entrants from anywhere in the world are invited to nominate themselves, with shortlists for each category chosen by the Tech Trailblazers’ panel of leading IT industry experts. Winners are identified by a combination of judging panel opinions and public vote.

For more information, visit or follow @techtrailblaze.

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