Negev HPC

Negev HPC: Innovative and fast storage in the grid

The workload on NegevHPC has been steadily increasing in recent weeks, with the addition of dozens of new users. To meet the demand for large amounts of storage, but no less important, for the need to quickly access memory from many vertices at the same time, we brought to the grid an innovative Israeli storage system. LightBits Labs’ LightOS storage system is one of a kind in that it uses the fastest storage components in the world – NVMe SSD cards -Along with non-volatile memory components, to provide a compact, fast, scalable and durable solution. At this point, dedicated users have been allocated quotas of several hundred gigabytes in favor of starting to use the system. These users are prompted to output the results of the calculations in the glusterfs folder in their home folder. Only the required long-term input and code files should be stored in the home folder. In the coming weeks, we will upgrade the communication infrastructure of NegevHPC servers so that each of the servers can access the storage system at a speed of up to 10Gb / s.

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