Intel Teams Up with Lightbits Labs to Maximize Data Center Profitability

Intel and Lightbits Labs have entered into a strategic collaboration to improve data center performance and profitability.

Intel announced on Tuesday that the two sides will develop disaggregated storage solutions suitable for data centers, especially systems that will reduce the total cost of ownership (TCO) impacted by disk capacity and performance issues.

This cost varies depending on energy consumption, cooling requirements, location and choice of equipment. Investments to reduce costs in the data center are usually related to reducing wastage, downtime, and recovering capacity from failed drives – that is, allocated but unused storage that would not be available for applications.

Intel and Lightbits Labs will work together to co-develop technical solutions to reduce failed disk volumes and launch go-to-market initiatives.

Intel should invest in Lightbits Labs

The companies will investigate how merged designs, using Intel hardware and Lightbits’ LightOS, could benefit data center owners.

The LightOS NVMe over Fabrics TCP (NVMe-oF / TCP) storage solution has already been tested with Intel’s 800 series of Ethernet network adapters. The proposed new system will combine LightOS, Intel Optane memory and QLC-based 3D NAND SSDs, Intel Xeon processors and Ethernet 800 network adapters.

According to Intel, when LightOS is combined with corporate hardware, it can provide customers with “dramatically improved storage efficiency and reduced underutilization while maintaining compatibility with existing infrastructure.”

Intel will also invest in Lightbits Labs, but financial details of the deal were not disclosed.

“The data center is undergoing a transformation, with disaggregation and composability of resources being essential to meet the efficiency requirements necessary to face the data explosion,” commented Remi EL-Ouazzane, VP and Head of Data Platform Group, Strategy & Business Development Manager at Intel. “Our differentiated hardware capabilities, combined with Lightbits NVMe over Fabrics software, provide our joint customers with an exceptional cost-effective solution to address this strategic inflection point.”

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