2020 4th China-Israel Innovation and Entrepreneurship Contest Finals

Lightbits Labs Selected as the Winner of the 2020 4th China-Israel Innovation and Entrepreneurship Contest Finals

During the Pujiang Innovation Forum on October 27, 2015, the China-Israel Innovation Center was inaugurated and established by Li Meng, Vice Minister of Science and Technology, Zhou Bo, Vice Mayor of Shanghai, and Bo Anlun, Consul General of Israel in Shanghai. As the first batch of Shanghai innovation and entrepreneurship service system construction units, the center has hosted the national China-Israel innovation and entrepreneurship competition for a total of 4 years.

In order to continuously deepen the cooperation between China and Israel in the field of innovation and optimize the ecological environment for innovation and entrepreneurship, the China Science and Technology Exchange Center and the Israel Innovation Agency have recently co-hosted the 2020 4th China-Israel Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition Challenge Finals and the 6th China-Israel Competition.

This event was hosted by Yan Xiaohong, Director of the Network Platform Division of the China Science and Technology Exchange Center, Li Yiping, Vice Chairman of the Shanghai Municipal Political Consultative Conference, Avi Lufton, Acting Deputy Director of the Israel Innovation Agency, Bei Yong, Deputy Consul General of Israel in Shanghai, and China Science and Technology Wu Cheng, deputy director of the Exchange Center, delivered a speech.

The data decomposition storage project of Lightbits Labs was successfully selected as the winning project in the finals. Lightbits CEO Eran Kirzner delivered a speech online, and Ivan Li, vice president of sales in Asia Pacific, attended the event on behalf of the company.

At the Challenge Finals site, after the project roadshow and evaluation by representatives of 7 large companies, the projects that successfully matched the needs of large companies and achieved the winning project are the data decomposition storage of Lightbits Labs, the portable hearing enhancement device of Tunefork, and the mitral valve of Valcare Medical. , Tricuspid valve repair treatment, Weizmann Research Center Yosef Yarden’s cancer treatment and innovative drug development, Robot AI’s mobile robot development and IDE’s seawater desalination treatment seven projects.

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