AMPD Announces the Formal Launch of Its AMPD Lab Initiative in Conjunction with Leading Technology Partners

VANCOUVER, BC / ACCESSWIRE / October 6, 2020 / AMPD Ventures Inc. (“AMPD” or the “Company”) (CSE:AMPD)(FRA:2Q0), is pleased to announce the formal launch of its AMPD Lab initiative with the support of leading technology partners, including Intel and Dell. The AMPD Lab is a state-of the-art, high-performance cloud and computing test facility, housed within AMPD’s DC1 urban data centre in Vancouver, BC.

AMPD’s customers and prospective customers are now able to use the latest in CPU and GPU processors, storage, and high-performance networking technologies to conduct real-world benchmark testing with their own specific workloads, to clearly demonstrate the advantages of high-performance computing at the edge.

The AMPD Lab enables customers to test existing AMPD products and services, such as the AMPD Remote Render Solution, as well as newer solutions that are still being refined, such as AMPD Virtual Workstations and AMPD High-Speed Storage.

Both AMPD and its customers, including Bardel Entertainment Inc. and Versatile Media, benefit from working on solutions for real-world challenges in an environment that can truly test the limits of performance and functionality. The AMPD Lab means that solutions have immediate customer application once proven.

“The AMPD Lab was instrumental in our choice of AMPD as our technology partner,” said Steven Read, Executive VP & Studio Head at Versatile Media Vancouver. “It’s refreshing when a vendor really wants to dig in and provide proof that solutions work in real-world environments, providing us with the comfort that we’re making the right technology choices. Virtual production technology is evolving on a what seems like a daily basis, so the opportunity to test various options is invaluable.”

“The AMPD Lab represents an important part of our customer onboarding and development process,” said Anthony Brown, CEO at AMPD. “AMPD services customers who are making multi-million-dollar, multi-year infrastructure decisions, so being able to offer this testing environment as part of our sales cycles and developing solutions that are proven to meet customers’ needs is key. It’s a way to prove out that our solutions are indeed better, faster, and more cost effective.”

AMPD has invested in servers, network and security systems for the lab, and partners Dell, Intel, NVIDIA, and AMD have all donated hardware and expertise to contribute to the platform.

“It’s very pleasing to see our partners such as Dell and Intel step up to assist us with the implementation of the AMPD Lab as the pipeline of meaningful deals expected to close in the coming months grows,” said Don Bustin, CTO at AMPD. “Vendors also view the AMPD Lab as an important environment in which to showcase the latest and greatest technologies to prospective customers.”

Dell supplied AMPD with hardware equipped with the latest GPU and CPU processors to include in the AMPD Virtual Workstation as part of AMPD’s initiative to innovate a better performing and lower-cost solution for studios. This enables the Company to preview and demonstrate how the technology works to customers who are beginning to understand the impact that this type of computing can have on their workflows.

One example of specific outcomes from the lab is the development of a new, innovative storage product that combines technologies from Intel, Lightbits, and IBM to offer blazing fast access to data across almost any type of compute workload.

“AMPD’s adoption of NVME over Fabric using Intel Optane Memory NVME storage brings the latest iteration of high-speed data storage to the cloud,” said Phil Vokins, Cloud Services Director for Intel Americas and Canada. “By working with AMPD to develop industry leading technology in the AMPD Lab, we can demonstrate the impact that this style of low-latency, high-performance storage has on workloads for digital media and AI. We are looking forward to seeing what this technology can do for AMPD’s customers as it becomes prevalent.”

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