6 enterprise data storage startups to watch in 2020

Even as cloud and flash flourish, it is tougher than ever for data storage newcomers to take root. We’ve highlighted six startups trying to crack the enterprise market.

Lightbits Labs enables native Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol (TCP/IP) to serve as a switched fabric for shared NVMe flash across server racks. The vendor claims to deliver the performance of direct-attached storage as composable infrastructure.

Lightbits Labs introduced three products: LightOS software, the SuperSSD NVMe all-flash array and the LightField accelerator card. The goal is to capture stranded capacity and enhance the performance of low-latency NVMe flash.

LightOS converts TCP/IP packets into NVMe streams. It routes communications between network ports and NVMe cards. Data services include compression/thin provisioning, data placement, erasure coding and quality of service.

Organizations could license LightOS on preferred servers or on SuperSSD arrays. An optional ASIC-enabled LightField offload card can quickly rehydrate SuperSSD data.

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