2010-2020 Storage Decade

24 vendors commenting on technology impact last 10 years

The last decade was an amazing period for the storage industry with several major technology developments and confirmations but also some key companies creation, M&As and IPOs.

We all remember the boom of the cloud, flash becoming mainstream, S3 as a de-facto standard, the launch of rapid growth companies such Cohesity, Pure Storage, Qumulo, Rubrik or Vast Data, some famous M&As like Cleversafe acquired by IBM, EMC by Dell, Red Hat by IBM, Mellanox by Nvidia or Veeam by Insight Partners, and also a few spectacular IPOs such Pure Storage, Nimble Storage and even Dell coming back to the public market a few years after its departure.

StorageNewsletter.com collect diverse comments from 24 vendors.

Original article: https://www.storagenewsletter.com/2021/01/13/2010-2020-storage-decade/