Solutions Architect, Engineer

We are looking for really good Solutions Architect-Engineer. And by really good, we mean, really, really good. You will work in a small team of architects and specialists to design and push new solutions and services. You will communicate with development and support teams and gather insights that you will utilize to develop technical solutions for Lightbits’ leading customers. You will create and deploy services that address common problems across multiple applications in the customers’ deployments in different datacenters. The position is based in Israel.


  • Work with engineering and performance teams in engineering very closely
  • Setup complex clusters such as Oracle, MySQL etc
  • Drive, design and develop data processing pipelines, applications and tools, which promote product stability, reliability and maintainability
  • Build, deploy and support production services in Lightbits product environment

Desired Skills and Experience

  • 2+ years of previous experience as software engineer
  • Experience in developing software stacks and module under Linux
  • Experience in open software and Linux kernel – big advantage
  • Excellent written and visual communications skills
  • Bachelor’s degree or higher field, such as computer science or engineering from leading universities

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