Lightbits Response to Intel® Optane™ Announcement: Lightbits is Software-Defined and Hardware Agnostic.

We make the most of the underlying hardware, whether running on Intel, AMD, or AWS Graviton

Late last week Intel announced that Optane development will stop and Optane will be discontinued in a few years. Lightbits storage is software-defined and runs on many different hardware platforms, including servers with Intel, AMD, and AWS Graviton (ARM-based) processors. Lightbits software provides high-performance, consistent low latency, and a full complement of enterprise features regardless of the underlying hardware. When special hardware such as Optane is available, Lightbits software takes full advantage of it.

On non-Intel systems and in the public cloud, Lightbits does not require or use Optane and thus nothing changes as a result of the Intel announcement.

On current generation Intel-based systems (3rd generation Xeon® Scalable Processors), Lightbits recommends using but does not require Optane. Customers running Lightbits on current-generation Intel systems can pick the platform configuration that works best for them, with or without Optane, and be confident that Lightbits software will work on those systems and provide the same industry-leading price-performance that they are used to. Intel is committed to provide the Optane inventory and support we need for our customers. Lightbits transition away from Optane will begin next year with the introduction of Intel’s next-gen Sapphire Rapids based servers.

It is worth mentioning that each Lightbits cluster is composed of independent servers, some of which may have and use Optane, and some of which may not have Optane hardware at all. Regardless of the mix of Optane and non-Optane systems in a cluster, Lightbits will continue working seamlessly as servers with Optane are taken out of the cluster and replaced with servers without Optane.

In summary, Lightbits constantly explores and takes advantage of new hardware as it becomes available, including persistent memory technologies such as Optane and new interconnects such as CXL. The beauty of Lightbits software-defined storage is that you get lots of flexibility on hardware configuration, and you can feel confident that Lightbits will extract the full value of the underlying hardware. 

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